Raine: Welcome to Solia! To get started, click Sign-In / Register in the top right corner. Below is a little information on what we're all about, but right now, we're current in Early Access! Anyone is free to enter and some things may break, but if they do, please let us know by opening a support ticket. (Select "I Need Help" in the top menu).

Right now, it's Halloween! Once you have picked your starting job, head into the World to get started. Gather Materials and turn them in to get a Candy Jar to place in your town. Any time someone collects candy from it, they get a piece of Candy and so do you! While you wait for people to collect candy from you, you may go visit other people’s farms and collect candy from them! Candy is used to turn in for event items. If you collect them all, there is a special reward.
On Solia, you are able to design and build completely customizable avatars. There are tons of items to dress up your avatars, with new items added frequently. Visit the shops or the market to find new items to match your style. With all of the options available, the possibilities for your unique avatar are endless!

Come in and explore the world of Solia! You will be able to build and customize your own town! While exploring your town, you will be able to chat with friends, send and receive mail, and build relationships with in-game villagers. You will also be able to visit other towns, and maybe even find new items! While not currently available, future updates will allow you to enter different buildings to further enhance your user experience.

Your characters will now have different jobs they can perform! The two starting jobs are Merchant and Scavenger. A scavenger searches for and collects discarded items. As your scavenger level increases, you will be able to find rarer materials! Merchants are dealers in fine goods, and are able to receive shop discounts and also receive higher payouts for sell-back items. As your merchant level increases, you will be able to sell items for Luna instead of just gold! There will be more jobs will be added with future updates. As you level each new profession, you will unlock new abilities specific to that job.

Please note: Items will not be transferred until November 1st. This is to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible during the transition period.