Welcome to Solia!
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After a bit of a bumpy start things are going good.

Our old servers are now completely shut down, so we're now setup on the new servers. The issue here is the new servers work nothing like the old servers and our systems are not setup to work as a cloud. So now we're in the process of updating all the code. Yes, ALL of it to work on a cloud system.

For now, you can see the start of the new site layout. We wanted to mix the newer one with some of the older more familiar aspects and bring back the full avatar display since it was one of the most requested features of the layout. There's still some tweaks and fixes to be made to it both functionally and visually and it isn't friendly with phones yet but we're getting there.

Right now we're still in the beginning stages of getting everything updated to the new setup so we're not sure yet how long this will take. We may have the forum up first, or it may come out all at once with the world as well, we're not sure yet. For now if you have any questions you can send them to support@solia.online or you can send them my way on twitter @DekkardSolia I don't log in to twitter every day because I'm not used to using it but I'm trying to get better at it now that people are sending me questions there. I'm sorry for any delay in my replies.