Welcome to Solia Online!

Come in and explore the world of Solia! You can create your own town, visit other people’s towns and explore all the surprises Solia has to offer. You can build and customize your town, from choosing where things are placed to designing the town’s style. Whether you are building a medieval land or a fairy garden, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless! While exploring the world, you can chat with friends, send and receive mail, sell your items on the market board and grow relationships with in-game villagers, all while finding items along the way. Come join us!

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Secret Santa is here!

Craft a giftbox for your town, so that people can drop gifts in it for you! Open your Giftbox on Christmas!

Gold Chairs in the hub

With these chairs you are able to earn gold just for sitting around! Stop by the hub, so you can earn 100 gold every 5 minutes, just for sitting there!


Play the Gacha for awesome items! Earn FUNs everyday, just for logging in!