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I see that everything has changed from the Solia I knew back when I joined in 09-10. It was quite a shock to come back and the only items left in my inventory after all those years are 19 commons that are seemingly random at that. I've looked at the quick low down of the situation page but I'm still bummed. Its sad to see that my little twilight star didn't make the cut of items to be transferred over, or the arachnid set I had designed years ago for a contest. I don't know how I feel about this whole new thing but it would be nice to know if anyone knows why the twilight star didn't make the cut to be transferred or remade in the shift?

Posted 584 days
Could be a lot of things but most likely because its super old. Or maybe because it was a background item if I remember right and those aren't really a thing anymore since you can't use them in game. Stuff that was transferred was stuff from the last year or so old Solia was open not things from all over. It was mostly clothing things besides backgrounds I haven't seen any handheld items that I can think of either except for tools. And no one wants poses anymore since they don't work in game. :haha:

This thread has better info I think ... rs/368734/

Or if you want an exact answer try a support ticket? The staff are the only people who know.

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Please open a support ticket. Site staff will be able to answer your questions there.
To open a support ticket, click on your profile on the top right of any page.
Select 'I need help' and then select the type of ticket you would like to open. Type up what you want to say and hit submit.

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