Posted 589 days
I'm still missing pretty much everything I owned before Solia was remade. Are the admins still working on moving everyone's inventories over?

I've seen some users wearing items that I had, like the Seeping Darking item for example, but yet I still haven't gotten it back.

Posted 589 days
Hey love, you'd be better off putting in a support ticket to get answers to those sort of questions faster, we has a dedicated team for support.

The seeping darkness is no longer an item it's a skin - you can use it when you create your avatar for the first time. You can also change your current skin but it will cost Luna, another option if you want the skin is to create another character on your account, the banks are linked so you can send items between them easy.

You should check out this thread, it may help in regards to transfered items and old users. ... rs/368734/

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