Posted 378 days
Week of December 29th

User Skinning
  • Add preview for pets to show what they will look like in game.
  • As well as making those same previews for when the items are being approved.
  • Massive charges are being made behind the scenes to accommodate this new feature. All land items data is being changed so that they can fall in line with what needs to exist in order for these to work. Right now the only hang up is pets and we're working on it. It should be done soon.
  • A program was build to open all existing items and edit their data accordingly. This program has been tested and works 100%.

Email Server
  • Attempt to stop our emails from being marked as spam.
  • Check Blacklists. (We're good)
  • Come up with and set Proper SPF record in DNS Server.
  • Set up DKIM Records
    • Still being marked as spam, we’re now setting up a DKIM with google to see if that will fix the issue.
  • Email notification system setup. - This exists now but it will be made far more robust. You can setup and edit these in your mailbox.

If you have Solia send you an email this way and you whitelist it, this helps us greatly.

  • Fixed various bugs and issues related to starting a new faceoff event
  • Fixed faceoff issue where it decided not to deliver more battles.
  • Prevent input glitch that could cause faceoff to create and run extra avatars instead of just ignoring input which would cause avatars to get cloned and get stuck on screen after voting.
  • World tools are now submittable and animate in faceoff.

  • Fixed an issue with Kogo playing's xp and relationship gains
  • Changed how relationship gains with kogo work to give us more flexibility with it
  • Kogo will also now play a heart animation when it has gained relationship points.
  • Fix Kogo's "xp to next level" not showing properly due to trying to tell you the XP required to level AND to visit Asil to star upgrade at the same time.

  • Fixed a face reset bug that would crash your game if the person disconnected and was supposed to change their face back to default
  • Fixed an issue with petting xp and fluff gains.

Cinema system
  • Cinema editor is now in a working state. There will be some changes to the current cinema engine in game to match the changes required by this new editor.

Support System Changes
  • Fixed bug where art team was not getting notifications about escalations.
  • Fix bug where tickets that were escalated to no particular team where not giving notifications and it was basically hiding the ticket entirely due to it being outside the scope of the program.
  • Fix bug where general escalations were not clearing out low level staffs notifications.
  • General escalation tickets were added to the ticket count.

  • Make a system that auto turns on items for monthly items whenever the first one starts to go out.
  • Calendar was fixed, may only break once every 7 years.

What's happening this week!
Cinema System changes are being put into the world. This will allow us to use the system. Once it's all working we may even make videos to show off what the Cinema System can do!

RP Changes
- The RP bank has already been worked on this week. Banks now have a log, the bank give feature works and other various bugs have been fixed.
- Dungeons will continue to be worked on. Hopefully more of this will be playable this week.

Artist Page
- Skinning is almost done, we are working on approving and pets, as mentioned above, are the only hold out.
- After skinning is done other artist features will be turned on. Item Making is the next on the list.

Mail Server
This has been a bane of my existence. I am still fighting with this and hopefully everything will not be marked as spam soon.

Posted 372 days
Week of January 5th

User Skinning
  • Add preview for pets to show what they will look like in game.
    • As well as making those same previews for when the items are being approved.
  • Approving the items and saving them into the system.
    • Change the item systems so that land items item_hash is not allowed to change.
    • Seasonal items may also need to be changed, so again its based on the item hash and the seasons are just blank, 1, 2, 3.
    • Make a converter, to convert all land items to the new method and delete existing ones.
      • Delete all items that are [‘h’] and turn them into [‘img’] at the same time.
      • Change game editor to save along these new requirements.
      • Change item editor so that the item data is never changed, to prevent breaking.
      • Come up with a solution for pets.
        • Possibly changing how all pets are stored entirely.
    • Save the images into permanent locations and give the user the color permanently.
  • Recolor system, so people can make items into their own colors.
    • This one is substantially harder because they do not work as avatar items and pets do.
  • Second Recolor system to make PETS into their own colors.
    • Use the icon created, generate hash to match.
  • Allowing the items to work in game.
    • Placing down is not showing it correctly.
      • Needs Inventory Hash
  • Make an icon from the animated pet.
    • Resize the icon and trim transparency.
    • Save icon into the right place based on hash.
  • All seasons mode was added for those that do not wish to do the seasons.
  • Add 0 to ones with no season to prevent collisions.

Email Server
  • Setup RDNS
  • Setup Postmaster with google.
  • Open Ticket with AOL, Yahoo and Verizon to see about getting whitelisted.
  • Develop email template to ensure the email has enough content not to be marked as spam.
  • Make privacy page much better.
  • Change email sending program so that metas are done correctly.
  • Change emailing program so that plain text emails do not contain a massive amount of spaces.
  • Plain text version of the Emails are not encoded with base64.
    • And test to see it works.

RP Changes
  • Give feature in the RP bank now works.
  • The RP bank now has a log of what items have been given/purchased from the bank by clicking on the info button in the top right corner.
  • The members page was broken, this has been fixed.

Cinema Editor
    Continued work to integrate into the game is ongoing and close to complete and requires a few changes to our dialog system that is used with Townsfolk. Some of the most recent bugs are related to these changes. Thanks to all who have been making tickets and helping us pin down the causes.

  • Fixed the Golden sheep and White chicken not displaying the correct color.
  • Made changes to the world to accommodate the new user skinned items.
  • Fixed Cyber Fox Pet not being clickable in the world.
  • Glitter Gala Puppy was unable to be added to wishlists.
  • Talking to npcs would cause all land items to disappear.

  • Made changes to the Inventory to accommodate the new user skinned items.
  • Fixed an inventory bug that would cause the equip command to happen more than once so you would end up just equipping and removing the item in one click or removing and then reequipping in one click.

World Contests
  • Updated the contests so that user skinned pets cannot be entered.
  • Fixed White Pumpkin not being able to be submitted to the contest.

  • Fixed bugs that would prevent it from starting in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug with where everything would disappear.
  • Fixed cloned entries appearing on screen and then not going away once a vote is placed.

  • Small fixes to support ticket system.
  • Game Item Editor, upon updating name goes back to previous name after updating.

What's happening this week!

We're making a huge event for the end of this month. It's sponsored and it's for a great cause.

Artist Page
  • Now that Skinning is done, I am moving onto Custom Items! Hopefully that will be ready by Wednesday.

RP System
  • Back to Work on Dungeons. I do not have a timeline for when this will be finished, but I should know more next week.

Mail Servers
I have done probably everything I can to succeed. I am working with someone to try to make it any amount better then it is currently.

We've already made a few shirts! You can check them out.

Merch Page
  • Much needed facelift.
  • New Paypal features built in.
  • The ability to buy merch without an account.

Posted 365 days
Week of January 12th

  • Fixed calendar item not showing in world.
  • Fixed a bug with Faceoff where it was calculating the end time incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue with custom skin pets crashing farms.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to see others positioned oddly on some chairs.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing excess communications related to your positioning.
  • Fixed issues with animations skipping frames when not visible (idle animations, walking tool animations, etc) If there are any others I don't know about please let me know and I'll fix them since I now know the cause (Billiam).

  • Fixed crashing issues when connecting to lands, related to the aum pot event.
  • Fixed a bug with watering aum pots.
  • Fixed a bug with receiving petal dust from watering aum pots.

  • Fixed data bugs in Dream Avatar caused by switching tabs in the inventory.
  • Fixed equipping bugs in Dream Avatar related to click events.
  • Fixed thumbs up icon issue

Item Admin Editors
  • Change the item systems so that land items item_hash is not allowed to change.
    • Build custom system for item icon rebuild to use the same item_hash it already has when rebuilding the icon of a land item.
  • Item Game Editor is not allowed to edit item hashes.
  • Add Account Id to the Item give in the item editor.
  • Change bank functions to put into the bank automatically if there is no user id.
  • Alert the user that an item was given if the item is not going to the person giving the item.
    • Give account alert if there is no user id.

Item Skinning
  • Certain land items that are animated/usable were not showing the right images.
  • Fixed bug with pet icon displaying in the custom skinning recoloring system in the inventory.

Custom Items - This is the final option on the Artist Page.
  • Much of the foundation for this has been laid for this.
  • Preview.
  • We're working on lots of documentation in order to help you all create items and know what features you want your item to have.

Merch Page
  • When they make a purchase on the merch page, it must be a direct Paypal transaction and not the use of Luna.
  • The ability to purchase from the Solia merch page without an account.
  • 3-4 Admin editors are needed for the merch page. Two of them are started. The other is very simple, but the two that are started are quite complex and should hopefully be finished last this week.

  • Update Vidyaindustries SSL cert.
  • Renew domain.
  • Update Inventory so that stuck tooltips finally go away. (We have gone through many versions of code trying to make this work, and finally we have one)
  • Test new notice removal system. Fixed a small bug in the new system.
  • Found bug in support ticket closing system causing notices to say open for staff members.
  • Fixed a few of the broken selects (dropdowns).
  • More Shirts were made as well as a pair of pants. We also made our first hoodie. Back, Front Pouch. The material used is a glittery gold vinyl. Here is a closer image of the wing to see some of the shine as best a camera can take (that I own).

On the next episode of Solia Online Dev Log....
  • Another Event!
    • This should hopefully start Friday with the release of the Merch page as well.
  • Custom Items should also be released.
  • We are working with some clothing manufactures to get a stream of high quality shirts/pants/hoodies we can get to make Solia stuff.

Posted 357 days
Week of January 19th

  • Projectiles will now spawn correctly after a directional flip.
  • Animated projectiles are now working properly.
  • Fixed various pet related functions crashing the server.
  • Fixed custom skin pets not showing properly when first added to land (would show fine after a refresh).
  • Fixed a tool bug that would cause tools to appear equipped on another person if they unequipped it before you entered the room/land.

World Inventory
  • When an item is moved to town from bank, stop it from resetting the inventory view, its causing issues with the bank tool.

  • Kogo with special forms that also have that same special form as an adult can now evolve.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes colors of the kogo were sent from the server wrong (Discovery of the bug was (adult) axis, their eyes were yellow instead of the standard coloring).
  • All the Axi eggs, Axi juveniles, and Axi have had their icons and colors fixed to reflect changes in the default.
  • Some appreciation axis were using the incorrect icon, this has been fixed.

Kogo Battle
  • Fixed a bug where the gender would always display as male when viewing pet stats.

Item Designer
  • Fixed Item Designer breaking after setting background color of a layer.

  • Fixed an error that would break your ability to shoot if someone else was using a water shooter in the same room.
  • Both the Jean in Linden and the Jean on the event land now have the quest to receive the water shooter.
  • Fixed some code on game end that would run too many times resulting in spam in your chat box on complete.
  • Unequipping the backpack sometimes would leave the backpack looking equipped

  • User skinned items can now be viewed in and purchased from shops. You will see the custom skin's name along with its icon as well.

We've recently gotten back into doing Twitter. Thanks to the help of Aglaea. Her and I have been working together to come up with the content and post it on Twitter. Please share your designs, Solia avatars or land on twitter! If you have any feedback about this, please drop us a ticket.

Merch Page - This should all hopefully release this week.
  • The hardest 2 of the Admin editors were finished. This is stock and building a product. I need to finish the category page whenever I have time, but for now we do not need them.
  • The Store page is still in the process of being overhauled. A ton of new options have been added.
    • E.G. If you pick a shirt, you can now pick the design, color and even color of the design!
  • There are more features I want to add to this when time permits.

  • Improve the look of the mailbox in mobile.
  • Put in deck for Australia Day.
  • Put in Valentines 2020 Deck.

  • This week we got an amazing deal on a 54 inch Roland Print and Cut Cammjet 500! Recently, I have been scrubbing it clean and taking everything apart to get it into as new of a condition as possible. This will mean a lot more in the way of Merch options! You name it and this thing can probably do it. It can even cut fabric.
  • As of today the contact with the shirt manufacturer should be done and we should have access to way more shirts, colors and designs.

Next Week
  • Store page released, hopefully tonight or tomorrow.
  • Custom Items as soon as the store is done.
  • The start of NPCs moving around inside the hub.
  • Dialog system implementations completed from the new cinema editor.

Posted 349 days
Week of January 26th

Card Game
  • When monster dies, it now ends the game.

  • People appearing not seated in chairs, just need to find the cause/trigger to fix this.
  • When joining a room and someone is sitting, their pet sits far away from them.
  • Need to send pet update to server when pet stops walking otherwise it just continues to walk.
  • Pet data missing when someone joined a room with a pet following them while you are in a different browser tab.
  • Fixed Glitter gala item still showing sparkles on unequip.

  • Implemented new system for daily quests that are owned by specific townsfolk instead of the usual random method.
  • Fixed various issues with daily quests.
  • Fixed not being able to see, accept, or turn in townsfolk owned daily quests after doing them once.
  • Fixed being able to see regular daily quests on the quest board after completion (could not be accepted though).

  • Fixed issue with kogo not spawning at "Outside Linden".

Custom Skins
  • Fixed a bug where newly created user skins would not work.

Custom Skin Pets
  • Fixed issue where special skinned pets would reset to their default skin when set to follow.
  • Fixed issue where pets would not appear in their special skin if that special skin wasn't placed on that land.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't see someone else's special pet color after joining a land.
  • If you join a room with someone that has a special pet following them it appears as default skinned.

World Inventory
  • Remove item page doesn't use special icons for user skinned items.

  • After recoloring sometimes the icon will be blank if you switch pages away from and back to the recolored item caching issue, the 'dead' version of the image is cached when checking if it exists, leaving the page and returning causes the browser to use the cached image.

Store Page - For real life Solia merch.
A ton of work has been done and redone to the store page. Hopefully we can release this soon.
  • Product Stock - there is now a system in place to keep track of how many of each item we have even based on categories. This was quite difficult because the same shirt, shirt sizes, and colors can be used for multiple shirt designs. I want to be able to add images instead of just dropdowns for this in the future. But for now it all works.
  • Items that are not shipped. So do not collector your shipping information and shipping is automatically free.
  • Items can have many options. Where the T-shirt seen herehas Design, Color and Size options. Other items like the Kangaroo Button can be made into all types of items. So each of those items have their own individual stock.
  • Geocoding for International addresses is broken. This was just discovered today. Google now charges 200 dollars a month just to look up how an address is formatted in that country. (In America we use City, State and Zipcode. Other counties have additional requirements for the address such as Province or building number.) We used to use google in order to determine what an address looked like to format it correctly. This is no longer an option for us and we hope to find or build a replacement soon.
  • Product images now have icons as well as system defined sizes. This allows things to be displayed consistently across the board.
  • The system that was used previously with USPS to determine the price of the package based on weight, and size still works correctly.
  • A Paypal system has been put in place. You are transferred to paypal, where your entire order is broken down for you and you check out that way. The call back from Paypal we still need to finish. Other bugs like Geocoding have to be done first before this can be completed.
This whole system is very complex and many things have been omitted. I am sorry it is taking so long and we hope to have it done soon.

Next Week
  • Merch Page - Also finished 2/5. Things might change more in the future. Should release 2/6
  • Dialog Integrations - this finished on 2/5 now we're just testing!
  • New Cinemas
  • Start of more active NPCs.

Sorry about the delay, I forgot to post this.

Posted 336 days
Week of February 9th

Sadly, everyone here has been quite sick. It has not been fun.

  • Fixed an issue where quests in game were not loaded/updated live on creation/edit.
  • Fixed an issue where your game would freeze when sometimes completing quests.
  • Put in some logs to track down a reported issue that moving stuff from bank to inventory was not registering in World until after a refresh.

  • Paypal was changed for both Subscriptions and normal donations.
  • Even if the page breaks the payment will still complete and it will be faster.
  • Paypal autoload functions had to be overwritten in order to prevent them from breaking Solia.
  • Fixed a bug with Paypal that would cause unnecessary delay when validating donations.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed NPC interaction while in the middle of a dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from certain interactions after gifting the Townsfolk.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from certain interactions after talking to the Townsfolk.

  • There is a bug where sometimes new gacha items cannot be listed in the market. This is still being tracked down. Please leave us a ticket if this happens to you.

  • Worked with Dek to fix a display issue with Fen Chicks and Fen caused by their winter event skins.
  • Fixed a few turn in items that were not showing up in user inventories.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause your following pet to not show sometimes when joining other lands until you moved.
  • Fixed Fall Leaves Aura and other tools of the same type not showing in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would report "0 xp gained" for various jobs.
  • Fixed an issue with the Succubus Hearts item.

  • Fixed camera targeting issue that could cause the camera to start out in the correct spot then sit way off after.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause camera jitters when switching between cinema and dialog.

Custom skins
  • Fixed some newer skins that were not showing.
  • Land remove item page icons now should always display the skin icon.
  • Display correct icon when feeding pets.
  • Display correct icon in pet selection menu for dog house.

  • Valentines gifting had to be rebuilt this year because normal gifting was added.
  • Gifting page now has better layout and displays the persons name you are gifting to.
  • Fixed Valentine's notifications not working.

Google Adsense
  • Google had changed systems and broken the few ads we do use. We are trying to get them back up and running properly.

  • There was a bug when editing a character that would break that characters race. We are still trying to hunt down the cause, but all characters that had the bug have been fixed.

Art Shops
  • Art shops have been significantly rebuilt. They should be much faster and easier to use.

This Week

Hopefully stop being sick and light headed. lol

  • Create & Test Story Cinemas
  • Adding more NPC movement.
  • Merch Page Up.

Posted 330 days
Week of February 16th

Item Skins
  • Fixed a bug where seasoned items would not show when customized as one skin for all seasons. (If the item has multiple seasons but the custom one only uses one skin for those seasons)

  • Fixed a bug where world interaction would break if you did not complete talking to townsfolk.
  • Fixed a bug where dialogs were allowed to be repeated too soon. You should now receive a msg that they don't feel like talking at the moment if they are currently exhausted of dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where default dialogs were wasting processing by trying to complete as unique dialogs.
  • Fixed dialog text templates (details like your name, targets of conversation, etc) were not displaying properly in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where locally cached relationship data was not always updated at the same time as updates were saved. (Dialog system is how this bug was discovered).
  • This would result in responses or dialog that might not make sense. This would be resolved on refresh, since it was a caching issue.
  • Fixed a bug where the main NPC of certain dialogs wasn't being loaded in when they were not in town.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed walking during dialogs.

  • Fixed a bug where the item icon could break when a kogo with default colors transforms.

World Tools
  • Fixed a visual glitch with animated tools that have a start animation in addition to their idle animation. The start animation wasn’t playing for certain types of tools.
  • Fixed a bug where certain tools were not visible due to some recent fixes to the tool system.
  • Fixed a bug where certain types of tools would not go away visually when removed.
  • Fixed a bug where some recent changes broke the positioning of some tool visuals for certain tools.

  • Fixed various bugs in the cinema editor as final tests were run.
  • Fixed camera panning not working. (It would just skip and not pan, the cinema would not break)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing animations to play at random speeds. For example some Townsfolk would wave faster than others due to this bug.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed walking during cinemas.
  • Updated some animations in game to be in line with changes and fixes via the cinema editor.

  • Claims of items not counting towards quests when moved from world inventory -> bank -> site inventory. Some logs have been added to try and figure out this bug. Please let us know via ticket if this bug happens to you!

Selfie Admin Editor
  • Selecting date ranges was broken and had to be fixed for contests.

Card Game
  • Game was not changing rounds correctly. Judges information and previous skills used was broken.
  • Once you use a skill it is now removed from the list. It was suppose to simply tell you that you may not use the skill again after having used it once that game, but that
  • wasn’t functioning correctly. That was also fixed so people with old files will be given an error instead of having the ability to use the same skill every round.

Art Shops
  • You can now purchase slots from your art shop and not just the item designer. (Slots are the same price).
  • Art shops were moved into the artist app. Many functions, callbacks and server calls were moved. This has been tested quite a bit but there may be an edge case I missed.
  • All of your artist slots are displayed on the art shop page now, so you know how many you have to work with. When the slots are full you are able to purchase additional slots.
  • You can now purchase item skins from the art shop. To buy one it costs the item you are purchasing and whatever the artist is charging. For example: In Dekkard’s shop there is a doghouse. You may purchase the doghouse with 1x doghouse and luna.
    • The artist still pays 25 luna for the items creation. So if the artist charges 50 luna they will only receive 25 luna. (All of this is told to you when listing an item.)
  • Item skins sold was added to the sold page.
    • Limiting amounts were added to the items skins database.
    • Ending time was added to the item skins database.
    • All necessary functions were changed based on what type of item is being purchased.
  • When setting item skins in the inventory it now keeps track of how many of those skins have been made, so if a limit is set in an art shop it cannot be exceeded in the inventory. The time limit applies to inventory skinning now as well.
  • If a limit is reached when selling an item or the item expires, it is automatically removed from the shop.
  • I added skin removing as well, so if someone bought one of your skins and later changed it to a different skin or back to the original you know it no longer exists.
    • Remove from skin count
    • Add back to default on customized items.

Item Skinning
  • All of the item skinning was built into a class for faster and easier access.

This Week!
Art Shops additions for character artists.
  • Art slots in the art shops.
  • Searchable art opens in the top of the forum.
  • I am going to see about adding art items to the market. (Item Design and Item skins only).

Hustle and Bustle in Linden
  • This may not be done this week, but we're working on it. Lots more NPC movement.

Cinemas and The Story
  • Dekkard has made the NCA in Sorven. (hint hint!) This will be where our story starts.

Posted 323 days
Week of February 23rd

A number of major releases this week! We've been working hard and there is so much more to come very soon.

Art Marketplace
  • List art pieces in your art shop.
    • Required to have 3 examples.
    • Description (Things you will do and won’t do).
    • Searchable Art Types/Styles/Sizes.
    • Escrow and Approval.
      • All funds are put into escrow until the art piece is done.
      • If something happens a moderator can approve or reject the transaction in situations where the buyer disappears or the seller fails to deliver.
      • Uploading a link for the art piece to the art ticket.
      • Approval in the art ticket.
        • You receive a mail when the piece is approved.
        • If you approve the piece you will receive a mail with a link to the piece so that you do not lose it.
        • A receipt is mailed to both parties.
      • Rejection asks the seller to work with the buyer to fix the problem.
      • Make notice for when someone has bought your art piece.
      • Make notice for when the artist submitted your art piece for approval.
  • Search in the art forum to help find what you are looking for.
  • Remove items that are seasonal and cannot be created at this time.
  • Art Market Database.
    • Everything goes though this now.
    • Keeps track of sales.
  • Fee
    • 10% gold fee just like in market.
    • Fee displays on listing.
  • Art Shop History.
    • This now displays all items that have sold in your art shop via the new system. Even if you have multiple listings of the same item it shows you how much it sold for and how many sold.

  • Click journal, opens journal menu.
    • Journal Tabs.
    • Compose.
    • Read Friends.
    • View My Journal.
    • Newest (Default).
  • Commenting is completely optional with the option to turn it off and on per entry.
    • Off and on button when submitting.
    • Get BB code bar working with commenting.
      • Only allow a single comment view open at a time.
  • Emoticons for current mood.
  • Friends Only, Private, Public.
  • Make notice for when someone comments on your journal.
  • Make paging for Journal entries.
    • Scrolling to the bottom loads more journal entries.
  • Making deleting for journal entries.
  • Allow journal editing.
    • Make emoticon stay when you edit an entry.
  • Notice removal for comments.

  • Found and fixed cause of lag at 12am eastern every day.

Search System
  • Fixed issues where certain keyboard shortcuts were not working.
  • Tab and Enter can now be used to complete tags without autocomplete.
  • Double spacing and pressing ‘comma’ between tags now works again as well.
  • Tab and Enter can now select tags in the autocomplete dropdown
  • Enter can now be used to search when no text is present in the input field.
  • The backspace key will automatically start editing the last tag in the list if pressed when no text is present in the input field.
  • Fixed missing highlight when using keyboard to navigate autocomplete dropdowns.
  • Fixed button icon alignment issues in various search dialogs.
  • All searches now have the capability for AND/OR toggling for tag searching. This will help you find specific items using the AND keyword and broader results using the OR keyword.

  • Fixed searches not working reliably when switching through modes due to not working independently of one another as they should have been.
  • Kogo levels are now displayed in all of the inventory tabs.
  • There is no longer an error popup when combining items and there are no more to combine.

  • Update various searches (sellbox, gifting, npc gifting, market etc) to allow for AND/OR search filtering.
  • Fixed a bug were certain game features stopped working after looking at the User Shop in Linden.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not see the art items belonging to the current User Shop.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing a different error message from showing when the server was manually restarted. It will also refresh your game automatically in 15 seconds if it can.
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes wouldn't be notified of the daily task reset.
  • Bingo button now only shows when a bingo card is active.
  • Event room button now only shows when a room based event is active.
  • Fixed a bug where items would display the correct season, but the tiling would lag behind.
  • Chat notices will now show time when moused over.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the Active Towns page and prevented people from being able to use the random land button.

  • Fixed a count display error when you have no cards.
  • When you have no cards you now see a message that tells you where you can get more.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn't play with a pet in your barn.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the play animation that happened whenever the Kogo turns around.
  • Kogo will now return to their stalls in the barn after playing.

  • Fixed bug that was preventing defense notices from wiping.
  • Fixed an error caused by wiping certain notices.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't interact with the NPC that is visiting you, thus never being able to complete the dialog event.

  • Fixed page titles to reflect which part of the market you're in.
  • You can now search through your inventory for items to list.
  • You can now search your current listings.
  • Now has AND/OR search toggle for tags.
  • All x items dialog now goes away when switching modes in the Market.
  • Searchable inventory when making offers.
  • Fixed up World's market window so its functionality and features are inline with the market page.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a search to repeat its request when not necessary.

Login Changed
  • If you type in the wrong password, it takes you back to the login page with the same username already filled out. This way you can try again faster.
  • Error notice appears on the login page letting you know what you did wrong and disappears 3 seconds later.

Merch Page
  • There was a coding issue to overcome that I have finally solved, at 11pm on Sunday. That means I can get this finished here tomorrow.

  • Put March’s avatar of the month on the homepage.
  • Remove admin notice on item given to self.
  • Fix item giving notice to display username of the person the item was given to instead of account id.
  • Fix tabs in mail.
  • Found and fixed small display bugs in the mail composition page.
  • Adding Bingo notice.
  • Fixed hover text on bank button in world.
  • Error for sending kogo to bank if cards are equipped.

What's in store for next week?

I have to make a twitter auto poster to make our lives on twitter easier.

As you can see there is more hustle and bustle as promised last week. A ton more is being added. New quest types and we're working on the NPCs reacting to collisions so that they are not simply walking into things.

We have a number of Kogo updates planned but they won't be for a little while.

I plan on finishing the rest of the Artist page later this week as well.

Posted 314 days
Week of March 1st

Kogo Balance Updates
  • Kitorn’s stats were changed to be more inline with the Kitorn Juvenile. The Juvenile has strong attack and magic and the kitorn itself had lost it’s magic attack. This was changed and its stats were rebalanced some in order to put more into magic attack.
  • Ryu baby stats were lowered slightly. As an uncommon it was stronger than some rare and even epic rarity kogos.
  • The damage on “Nature’s Blessing” has been increased at higher star levels.
    • The Damage was 15, 20, 25.
    • It’s now 15, 25, 40
  • Magma Ball
    • The Accuracy of “Magma Ball” at Star level 3 and 4 has been increased to 95% from 90%.
    • Damage was changed to 15->25->35->45->60 from 15->20->25->35->50
    • MP cost was changed to 5->7->9->11->15 from 5->9->11->14->21
  • Star Shot
    • Hit chance was changed to 90->95->90->95 from 90->90->80->90
    • Damage was changed to 15->25->35->60 from 15->20->25->40
    • MP cost was changed to 5->7->11->15 from 5->9->15->20
  • Leaf Cutter
    • Hit chance was changed to 90->90->95->95->100 from 90->90->90->90->100
    • Damage was changed to 15->25->35->45->55 from 15->20->25->35->50
    • MP cost was changed to 5->7->11->14->17 from 5->9->13->17->22
  • Willow Whip
    • MP on this card was broken for levels 3, 4 and 5.
    • MP costs are now 5->8->11->14->20
  • We are making charts so that all types and elements have certain traits.
    • For example, All dragons transform at high levels.
    • All fire types will have higher attack than defense and higher attack than magic attack.
  • Aky Stat Changed - Aky’s stats exceeded the maximum allowed by 65 points. Stats had to be changed. (This happened because the adult was set to rare and later changed to uncommon)
  • Lastly and most importantly Kogos have been laid out for the future and now stats will work based on what element and what type they are. Some Kogos will change some now to be more aligned with their element/type.

Kogo Battle
  • Fixed a bug where mp change would happen after attacking when the enemy Kogo fainted.
  • Kogo bars now animate instead of just change value instantly.
  • Removed redundant hp changes that were already being done on message.
  • Tool menu should now automatically close when starting a battle.
  • Clicking an NPC post battle now triggers their post battle line.
  • Fixed a bug where the battle client would try to start from scratch while in the middle of an already loaded and running battle.
  • Fixed a bug where self damage would not trigger hp change animations if the hp changed to 0
  • Fixed a bug where if a Kogo fainted from self damage it would still show up as a switchable Kogo in the swap menu.
  • Fixed a bug where you had to see a trainers greeting before being able to click them to start battle.
  • Fixed a bug that was calculating party level for Trainer encounters wrong.
  • Fixed turn order bug.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause recently added Kogo to party to still show in your inventory until refresh.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause "just attached" Kogo cards to still show in your inventory until refresh.
  • Fixed various bugs that would cause the game to get 'stuck'.

  • Fixed a bug that would freeze when playing with Kogo outside the barn
  • Unequipping cards did not tell the client that the card is back in their social inventory, thus the card could not be sent to banks till a refresh
  • Turning in Kogo will now reopen the turn in menu to make it easier to turn in multiple Kogo.
  • Fixed a bug where adding Kogo to a party would still show that Kogo in your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where adding Kogo cards to a Kogo would still show that card in your inventory.

  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to have more than one quest in your quest log.
  • There was a communication issue regarding certain quest types that was fixed. This includes quests that require things like catching Kogo and placing items on your land.
  • Pretty much most quests that involve a direct action in the world.

  • Fixed an issue where currency name wasn't being displayed for funs on the purchase menu.
  • Fixed shop UI not updating properly when shopping with Funs. (color of text was wrong when indicating if you had enough to purchase the item in a few locations)

  • Fix issue that was causing server to lock up under load.
  • Fixed an internal item data issue related to inventory items.
  • Fix paging issues caused by combining items and other various inventory interactions.

  • User skinned items should now display their custom name.

  • Fix user avatar previews going missing/not updating on avatar change.
  • Fixed a series of bugs that were crashing the game sometimes when doing one battle after another.

  • Fixed an issue where the "start of the new day" daily tasks notice wasn't being properly scheduled.

  • Put space between NPC shop names.
  • Fix issues between resetting Townsfolk avatars and wandering so that they don't all abruptly stop whenever a reset or reload occurs.
  • Avatars will now only reset if specific data has changed regarding their visuals instead of just any difference.
  • Clicking an NPC with a shootable tool equipped does not fire the net (both battle npcs and townsfolk)
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes crash the server on Kogo turnin
  • Fixed new ladybug pet causing server crashes and broken Farms
  • Fixed leaf piles missing their image for spring, which was causing them to appear invisible.
  • Fixed a crash related to npcs leaving and wandering.
  • Fixed a movement exploit related to NPCs
  • Townsfolk greeting system has been reworked due to requirements for the wandering system.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pets and missing pet data.
  • Fixed a server connection issue related to Kogo Battle.

Townsfolk Visitors
  • Fixed greetings playing while following you during a visit.
  • Fixed visitors not leaving properly due to the new wander system.
  • Fixed marks showing above visitors heads (quest marks, intro, etc)

Merch Page
  • Figure out how to reduce stock.
  • Complete the paypal transaction with a confirm button.
    • Setup all the paypal calls.
  • Finalize the order in our system.
  • Give notices that the order has been completed and needs to be prepared/shipped.
  • Tell buyer when their order has updated via email.
    • Order being prepared.
      • Make a list of what they ordered with images.
  • If you are going to conventions and you want to hand out solia fliers with exclusive solia items, contact us at" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank and we can talk to you about it too!

Promo Codes
  • Promo Codes Created for Fur Out West in Australia.

Custom Skinned Items
  • All of the skins that have been submitted/approved have been updated by hand by Dekkard. All of them need to be updated to work with item edits.
  • 100% of the items that can be skinned have been updated to make way for item edits.
  • A new admin editor was made for us to view and upload new images for custom skins.

  • Admin Item editor was losing sorting when you clicked a new item.
  • Fix inventory paging, so it no longer puts # in url.
  • If no item owners, we need to state that in admin item editor.
  • Fix Kogo image files when displayed in item editor after you have viewed another kogo.
  • Journal had an error in updating to delete old entries.
  • Promo codes had an error when claiming.

This Week
Custom Skinned Items
  • All of the updated skins need to be put into the system.
  • Part of the admin editor needs to be completed to make things easier.
  • All currently submitted skins will be rejected and refunded. Small updates to them will allow you to resubmit them.
  • New systems are being put into the artist system so that we can give people chances at having something approved rather then just approve or reject.

Merch Page
Part of the admin functions for shipping orders, providing tracking information and emails to let you know things have shipped still need to be completed.

NPC Hustle and Bustle
As you may already see in the world, the NPCs move around. We are working on making them respect the boundaries of things without killing your computer to handle the processing required.

Kogo Updates
Mostly stated above. Lots of changes though.

Posted 295 days

  • All Kogo were rebalanced.
  • Some of the starter Kogo are much improved.

Topic Tracking
  • Change topic tracking database to account based instead of user based.
    • This means that regardless of what character you are on, you will see what is unread for you.
  • Change all updating/inserting/selecting in forum code to be account based.
  • This allows us to give notifications on the comment sign posts.

Design Updates
  • The user shop received a large facelift. If you have any feedback or thoughts please let us know.
  • Comment signs in your land also got a small facelift to help unify design and make them more usable.
    • You now see the commenter's avatar and time they commented.
  • Art Shop sign received a major facelift as well. Please let us know what you think. (It does look much nicer if you have a description)
    • I may make this much more robust and allow you to edit your shops inventory and do all kinds of other things from a sign.

New in Game Notifications
  • Journal now has 2 different types of notifications
    • White: means that there is a new journal entry you have not seen.
    • Gold: there is a new journal entry from one of your friends.
  • Comment Sign posts
    • White notification telling you that there is a new comment or post you have not seen before.
  • Art Shop Sign
    • There is a notification for this when there is a new item listed that you have not seen before.
  • Animal Notifications
    • When the a pet has something for you to harvest, you now see what you are going to be harvesting.

  • For signs and mail images were remade so that if someone sends you a giant image you click it to view it in full size (of your screen).
  • Og:url was corrected in header data.

  • Fixed a bug where items would not show in your inventory right after opening an item box (you would have to switch pages)

  • Fixed return text on Townsfolk gifting. The Townsfolk that cannot accept gifts will no longer try to display a time.
  • There is currently an issue with mobile chrome based browsers and taking selfies (not 100% of the time) currently there is no known fix.
  • Bug causing Townsfolk avatars to be rebuilt unnecessarily due to their built in animation data
  • Fixed Townsfolk gifting responses being interrupted by movement.
  • Townsfolk need to remember last time they greeted you even when they are supposed to change in some way.
  • Fixed user item skin issues where they aren't loading properly on creation.
  • You will now see an error when an item cannot be moved to your Bank to better understand why (Main reason was for being unable to move Kogo with cards equipped).
  • Fixed issue with mailbox boundaries.
  • Fixed item bubbles not disappearing glitch.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes you cannot open the tool menu.
  • Fixed a bug where gaining xp was sometimes not displaying to the user.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the gold bubble in the tutorial to give no gold.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing scavenger bubbles to spawn too far too the east sometimes.
  • Game is now automatically resized after loading is complete to prevent issues that would occur when adjusting window size while the game was loading.

User Item Skins
  • Fixed not being able to see some user skin items in the world.
  • Fixed not being able to see a preview of some user skin items during placement.
  • Fixed not seeing icons in the remove list for user skin items due to recent changes.
  • Fixed not seeing user skin item names when mousing over user skin items in the world inventory.
  • Fixed not seeing user skin item names when mousing over user skin items in the world remove item menu.
  • Fix issue with loading land, chicken was using an old custom item skin format.

  • Fixed various issues in our shop editor system that was causing shops to sometimes not show on Townsfolk when they should have.

  • Fixed placed Kogo showing up green in Linden.
  • Fixed event Kogo not spawning properly if you're already in the room
  • Fixed issues with not being able to shoot sometimes.
  • Fixed various errors related to bubble interactions with Kogo.
  • Fixed a bug where switching from the backpack to another shootable could cause you to be unable to shoot until switching to another shooting tool.
  • Fixed an issue with the event countdown showing two hours instead of 1 hour.
  • Fixed an issue where the event countdown wouldn't show if you were in Linden when the event period started.
  • Timers now say Event Active instead of '00:00:00'.
  • Event Active can be clicked to be taken to Linden.
  • Timer UI not changing when swarm disperses. (Send time data on swarm despawn)
  • Fixed an issue where the event timer would still show 00:00:00 even if you obtained all the amoebas in that period.


Artist Page is being remade with many new features being added. This remake will hopefully be done in the next few days.

We're working on Kogo park to help give you all something more to do during this outbreak.

We're also starting to work on battle. Once this is completed we are going to work towards moving out of beta.

Posted 214 days
There was a listing bug in the art market, all listings were removed and replaced. So currently you will not see the art latest listing because they all have the same listing time. This will fix all art listings that were not able to be purchased outside of the art shops.

A huge update is coming next Friday. Make sure you don't miss it!

Posted 209 days
I found a bug in the art listings again. This time in the topic data. The only way to fix it was to remove the items and put them back again. This time I sorted them by topics that have been updated most recently. The sort won't be perfect, but it'll at least be better than it was.

The large update is still coming Friday! We're all hard at work.

Posted 203 days
We've been working all day and we're still going. A lot has been updated.

Merchant and Scavenger are done (as far as I know) at least with skills.
Merchant now has 38 skills and it goes to Star level 2. (The market has been completely remade and will be released with this update) And thinking about that market may have a 39th skill coming.

Scavenger has 9 skills and it goes to star level 1.
Farmer has 13 skills and counting. While it goes to star level 1 right now, it may go to two by the time we're done with it. A ton of new plants might be coming too, who knows. But as I am writing this Farmer is now up to 16 skills.

Construction and Homemaker won't be finished until tomorrow.

We ran into a few snags today.

  • Part of the market we built cannot work as intended and with that I am quite disappointed. I may keep spending time on it trying to get it to where I want it to be. It has to do with buying outfits someone is selling and customizing the outfit before you purchase it.
  • At some levels of skills you will unlock items. You'll be able to claim the items as soon as you level up. The editor is not capable of handling this right now and at least a day of work needs to be done before we can start adding those.
  • Recipes, nearly all of them has been updated. But the recipe editor I made forever ago just isn't good enough for what we need now a days. I am going to build a more robust system that keeps track of ingredients and gives experience based on the ingredients used. So the harder something is to make, the more exp you get for making it.
  • Skill and recipe refunding both ran into snags and had to be run, reversed and rerun several times. Now everyone has been refunded for all skills/recipes they have purchased.

While I am sure there is more and I am missing things, I am a bit brain fried and I need to get back to working on Farmer. I hope you all enjoy the update.

Posted 202 days
New updates for today!

Last night I mentioned I need to rebuild the job editor we have to include items. Well, while in the middle of it, I got the bright idea to add recipes to it. Because the #1 thing I want to do is give myself more work. But I digress I think it will add a lot to Solia if you can improve in farmer and it allows you to unlock construction recipes so that you may build things like upgraded watering cans. In this way all jobs can start working together.

Merchant is now up to 40 skills, the two new ones are probably my new favorite merchant skills.

Farmer was up to 14 skills and now down to 13 again because Forage was removed. The whole concept behind it was moved to Kogo jobs and since it has been refunded it's time to just take it off the list. Don't worry though, there are several new pet skills that have been added.

Nothing new to report for Scavenger. For some reason it's now at 8 skills, so maybe something accidentally got deleted and that reminds me I need to look at this before it all goes out. Scavenger although it does not have much right now will grow as time goes on. It has skills like Basic Mining, Basic Bug Catching and Basic Lumberjack. All of these will be able to upgrade, so that you can find and harvest better materials/bugs. (And it turns out bug catching is the missing #9) It's not ready yet, so once it is it will be added back to the list and you can begin your collection!

Both Construction and Homemaker will benefit from the addition of recipes to the skill lists.

Now for news about upcoming things! Tamer will be coming back as a job, but as a job for Kogo only. This job already had a great deal of skills that will be added. Things like throwing multiple bait at once and the ability for your Kogo to battle along side you in the real battle system. Make sure you work on your Kogo and keep them happy.

Once all this is done I'll have a post made with everything we're doing this month and maybe into next. We have a ton planned, but I for one think you all will be really happy with it. I hope you'll come on this adventure with us.

Posted 201 days
We're going to finish up everything we can today and this will all be released!

The event and monthly event will start tonight.

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