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Henry Moon
Co-frontman, Band Leader, Multi-Instrumentalist, Main Vocalist
30 December 1997

Blood Type: B
Languages: English, Korean
Religion: Christianity
Height: 170cm (5’8”)

Henry is the wisecracking, moodmaking, high energy and extroverted band leader for the Moon Brothers Band. He is older than Anthony by only a few minutes. The two brothers grew up in America to Korean parents, making them Korean-American. Henry views himself as someone really cool, attractive, and handsome; he has a pretty big ego and thinks he can do anything if he tries hard enough.

Henry is quite ostentatious and showy. From a young age, he exhibited strong signs of extroversion, and is never afraid to put himself out there. Because of his big ego, he's not afraid to command attention to himself and step up, which is the main reason the twins agreed that Henry should be the leader.

The twins had a pretty ordinary life growing up. They had loving, hardworking parents, and went to good schools. The only thing Henry mentioned that was difficult was that his parents didn't really speak English. The boys always translated out in public.

His full name is Henry Hien-jin Moon, and his Korean name is Moon Hien Jin.

Anthony Moon
Co-frontman, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Lead Vocalist
30 December 1997

Blood Type: B
Languages: English, Korean
Religion: Christianity
Height: 170cm (5’8”)

Anthony is the quieter, more chill, easygoing twin between the two. Growing up, Anthony always wanted to make sure to be different from Henry, by dressing differently and keeping his hairstyle different (he prefers shorter hair while Henry likes letting his grow out). His personality naturally contrasted from Henry when they got older. Even though their personalities are different, the twins are still best friends and do everything together. In high school, they would always go to parties together and have a lot of fun together.

Anthony is an ambivert. By nature, he is more introverted and quiet, often keeping to himself or being reserved. But when he is around others, his temperament can shift a bit. Since he grew up with Henry, who has always been loud and attention-seeking, he learned how to match Henry's energy, and now he tends to match social energy in everyday situations. When Anthony is in his most social modes, he can actually be quite corny and cheesy with his humor.

Of course his past is the same as Henry's. Despite being twins, the boys probably have the most normal upbringing out of all of the others.

His full name is Anthony An-kor Moon, and his Korean name is Moon An Kor.

Kim Haneul
Piano, Keyboards, Electronics, Visual
14 February 1996

Blood Type: AB
Languages: Korean, Latin
Religion: Wiccan
Height: 185cm (6’1”)

Haneul, who usually just goes by Han, is the tall, ridiculously handsome, and fragile visual of the group. Han grew up as the perfect kid, making good grades in school while having many friends. He was always wonderfully handsome without the need for plastic surgery or other adjustments, and many girls had crushes on him. Unfortunately, his parents’ marriage fell apart due to his father’s personality worsening, putting Han and his mother in the line of abuse. Even though his mother was abused, Han’s father was able to gain custody of him somehow (probably due to some high status in his job and community).

Han’s father quickly got remarried to a woman just as wicked, and she brought her son with her. Together, Han’s father, his stepmother, and her son treated Han horribly. He became depressed and eventually dropped out of school. Soon, the abuse got so bad that Han had his eyes damaged by glass before he was dropped on the side of the road to die. He was found by Juwin, who took him to the hospital. Juwin’s family soon won a lawsuit against Han’s father and step family, and adopted him.

Han was mute for a long time and had extremely limited vision. He got involved with witchcraft because it helped him feel like he had control over his world, and it made him feel at peace. After the Moon Brothers Band won the Idolfest, they used any monetary earnings to get Han some necessary surgeries so he would regain his eyesight before it was too late.

Han is much better these days, but he still hopes he can one day see his mother again.

Kwon Juwin
Drums, Beatbox, Main Rapper
20 March 1998
Blood Type: A
Languages: Korean
Religion: Korean Buddhism
Height: 180cm (5’11”)

Kwon Juwin is the sensible, introverted, and respectful gentleman of the group. He may be the second youngest, but is the second tallest in the group. He also has the deepest voice in the group which, combined with his personality, makes him seem much older. He would rather spend time alone or in a quiet environment. He’s not really one for parties or social events like the twins. He’d much rather relax at home. Juwin’s a bit of an old soul.

He found Han abandoned one day and saw how injured he was. Worriedly, he took him to the hospital. From that moment on, Juwin felt responsible for Han despite the boy being older than him. Juwin now has an “older brother” attitude towards most other people because looking out for Han gave him a lot of new responsible traits.

Chae Hyunsik
Maknae, All Guitars, Lead Vocalist
9 January 2000

Blood Type: B
Languages: Korean
Religion: Atheist
Height: 162cm (5’3”)

Hyunsik is the firey, short-tempered, naturally angry maknae of the Moon Brothers Band. Henry sometimes jokes that Hyunsik came out of the womb angry.

Hyunsik is the younger cousin of Henry and Anthony. His parents were really neglectful to him, but because Henry and Anthony grew up in America, it was not easy for him to try to live with them. He had to endure not having dinner or other resources sometimes because his parents simply didn’t care about him. Hyunsik became friends with Juwin while growing up and would sometimes stay over at his house, even without telling his parents since they didn’t care anyway.

After Juwin’s family adopted Han, all of the attention needed to be on the then-impaired boy. This lit Hyunsik’s heart up with fury and jealousy. He didn’t want to share Juwin with anyone, for fear that he would be left alone again. He became really resentful of Han, especially after he became involved with witchcraft. Han seemed scary and was drawing attention away from him.

Juwin took Han and Hyunsik to an amusement park one day. After accidentally getting separated from the older boys, Hyunsik went to the restroom and became a victim of rape from an adult man. It happened so fast that Hyunsik didn’t know what to do; he was too small to fight back and he was so scared that he couldn’t move after it happened. From then on, he became much more angry and angsty, even after working things out with Han.

Recently, Hyunsik realized that he is bisexual, as he has been having feelings for a fellow artist.
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5-STAR: Newly Updated Profile~


Lee Sungnam
Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper
Stage Name: S

Blood Type: O
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese
Religion: Christian (Protestant)
Height: 178cm (5’10”)

Sungnam is the fun-loving, cheesy, and greasy leader of 5-STAR. He became the leader after the previous leader was removed. Sungnam has a “switch” in his personality where one minute he can be playful, silly, and pranking, but another minute he can be in leader mode. Sungnam is a natural comedian and schmoozer.

Sungnam is one of the best vocalists in kpop and has a wide range of notes. He has a very mature and and well-trained voice. His rapping style is more high-tone.

Sungnam has really strong aegyo and can sweep fans off their feet by being flirty and sappy. However, he saves the bulk of his emotion for his girlfriend Alice from Radiance.

Oh Hosung
Visual, Rapper, Vocalist
Stage Name: Hunter (English name)

Blood Type: AB
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese
Religion: Agnostic
Height: 185cm (6'1”)

Hosung is the muscle of 5-STAR, and the visual of the group. He is like a puppy, and is very cute and excitable. Upon joining 5-STAR, he was pretty similar to Rocket in terms of energy, but toned down a bit once he got adjusted to the group.

Hosung is a very helpful member. He usually supports the others by helping them in whatever way they need. When he joined the group suddenly, following Mansik's departure, he quickly worked to get up to the same level as the other members. He worked hard to become multi-lingual and to master all of the difficult choreography and songs.

Hosung comes from a poor family from Damyang, Jeollanamdo; he's a country boy, and sometimes his satoori slips into his voice. Because Hosung had a rough upbringing, it made him humble. He's also really good at cooking and can make amazing dishes with few ingredients.

Hosung's rapping style alternates between deep voiced and playful.

Hosung dates Lala from Radiance, and he values her so much.

Joel Liam Chan
Main Rapper, Group Composer
Stage Name: Liam

Blood Type: B
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese
Religion: Christian (Non-denominational)
Height: 170cm (5’7”)

Liam is the shortest member of 5-STAR. He's one of the two international members of the group. He was born in America, but moved to Korea when he was very young. He speaks both English and Korean natively, and he is the younger brother of Nina Chan.

He goes by his middle name and gets physically uncomfortable if someone other than his parents calls him by his first name.

Liam is the most versatile rapper in 5-STAR. He can cover any style and can rap easily in any of the languages he speaks. He can change his style depending on the mood of the particular song. He usually doesn't sing, but can sing if he needs to do it.

Liam is one of the more serious members and doesn't like to show or use a lot of unnecessary emotion. He also gets awkward when people get emotional around him. Despite this, he tends to be a bit angsty.

His best friend is Kwangmin. He dates ZI-A from Radiance and was attracted to her because of her cool style and personality, as well as how attractive and confident she is.

Hong Kwangmin
Rapper, Vocalist
Stage Name: Hong.K

Blood Type: B
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese
Religion: Nothing in particular (he doesn't care)
Height: 176cm (5’9”)

Kwangmin is the sass master of the group. He's also 5-STAR's brain, and knows a lot of information about various things. Kwangmin is gay but is selective over who knows that fact. He dates Raehwan in secret.

Kwangmin gets annoyed easily and doesn't like to be around other people for long periods of time. He'd rather be alone or only with his group members. Secretly, he gets annoyed by most fan girls, but he tries not to show it.

He is not one to show affection openly; Kwangmin is more likely to do something that other people would appreciate, like bringing someone food when they are hungry, or by doing them some kind of favor.

Kwangmin is typically quiet unless someone speaks to him first or unless he feels particularly compelled to reply to something.

Kwangmin's rapping style can be either smooth with swag, or aggressive. He alternates.

Mangjeol Jungeun
Maknae, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Group Choreographer
Stage Name: Jay (English name)

Blood Type: AB
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese
Religion: Shinto
Height: 178cm (5’10”)

Rocket is the moodmaker and overly-extra member of 5-STAR. He's the fan favorite, and the most-popular idol out of the entire SYA company. He has a very high net-worth, even compared to his members.

Rocket doesn't like when people call him by his real name and was given the nickname 'Rocket' due to the fact that he has relentless energy and tends to run everywhere.

Rocket is Japanese-Korean, and is the second international member in 5-STAR. He grew up in Korea, but speaks a mixture of Korean and Japanese with family and practices a Japanese religion. It's not specified what degree of Japanese he is, but it's at least very important in his life, and enough to be acknowledged by his family.

Rocket basically worships his girlfriend Hani, and would do anything for her at any time.

Rocket is the exact opposite of Kwangmin and Liam and shows his emotions at all times. He is unable to hide his emotions at any time. Rocket has ADHD but stopped taking his medication long ago because "he's not himself when he takes it". Rocket is hyperactive and fun and loud.

Rocket is the most flexible member in the group. He has high skill in all disciplines, and can rap well, sing well, and dance well, while also being visually attractive. His rapping style is more of a younger style.

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- is a basketball star in the AU
- instead of attending a performing arts school, he transferred out of that school to the public school (Seoul Mapo) because he got bullied so badly he ended up in the hospital

- his AU component only really struggles with anxiety and selective mutism, as opposed to the plethora of conditions the original Jinyoung had
- Jinyoung is still 1/4 Chinese. In NSNS, this doesn't affect the family too much as they consider themselves more Korean. However in the AU, the Chinese component is a lot larger and the family considers itself Chinese-Korean. They even speak Chinese at home sometimes.

MBB/Goth Boys
- The MBB is not necessarily gothic in NSNS. They are more punk/emo. In the AU, though, their style is goth with elements of punk and emo mixed in.
- Their family situations are all different. Each boy became orphaned after their parents died in a crash together.

Henry and Anthony
- the NSNS Henry is more "experienced" since he already lost his virginity. AU Henry is still innocent in that regard but is becoming more interested in girls.
- in NSNS, Anthony didn't really care about dating and didn't actively look for anyone until his feelings for Seulgi surfaced naturally. In the AU, he's more enthusiastic about dating and hopes to find someone.
- whereas the twins try to assert their individuality in NSNS by having their own unique styles, the twins are different in the AU. They dress exactly the same and have the same style which makes it hard to tell them apart unless you know them

- in NSNS, Han is wiccan, studies witchcraft, and has become quite the adept witch/wizard/whatever we could call him. He also sees auras which allows him to tell what someone's emotions and temperament are, as well as giving him the ability to learn what people's auras tend to be naturally
- In the AU, Han is not wiccan and does not have those abilities. He's merely spiritual, and is a medium. It's possible he can develop more abilities later, but he won't reach the level of expertise that he has in NSNS.

Juwin and Gigi
- in NSNS, Juwin and Gigi obviously have a thing for each other, but both of them are too shy to make a move or really even talk to each other at length.
- in the AU, Juwin and Gigi fell in love almost immediately and started dating very quickly.

- Though still angsty, he's much less angry and temperamental in the AU because he was never raped. He's just pouty and has a personality that's easier to mesh with. He's quiet by nature, though.

Gigi (alone)
- in NSNS she's pretty shy, though she has improved a lot because she's wanted to put herself out there more
- in the AU, Gigi is already self-realized and confident

- in NSNS, it is unknown why Jinny is the way that she is
- in the AU, Jinny has an emotional disorder that prevents her from expressing or feeling emotions in the same manner as others

will be updated and more characters will be added later

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