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So solia, tell me about your pets.
Include pictures if you want.

As an adult Ive previously had a ferret named Aurelie. She was an albino and quite tiny for a ferret.

Currently I have a syrian hamster named Rosa that just had her 5 month birthday yesterday which makes her FULL GROWN! Shes a big syrian hamster since shes bought from a breeder and not the pet store. Shes a SUPER energetic hamster thats not shy at all. She climbs anywhere on you to get where she wants. Heres a photoshoot with her and my boyfriend and here is a video of them having some bonding time.

In the future Im thinking about getting a pair of roborovski hamsters (my boyfriend has approved it but theyre rare in Sweden so gonna have to search a lot). Ive looked up getting a hedgehog but I researched them thoroughly and they might just be a pet that needs too big of space because we cant have it roaming around like my ferret or a cat/dog but at the same time the space it needs is more than we can afford "giving away". Sad...But maybe...If we get a huge house.

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Nothing exotic right now, but we have seven Chiweenies (part Chihuahua, part miniature Dachshund) and one Jack Russel, and five cats. In the past we've also had cockatiels and lovebirds, and a pair of rabbits that never got together.

Another Movie Addict
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Big Red, he's such a sweet butt. Recently his face finally healed after he'd been attacked by something. We don't know what it was, but he was two-face there for a while. Because he kept scratching at it.


Little Bit/Tiny Dog

Trouble. He's a corgi/husky mix, and looks like a mini wolf it's so awesome. This wonderful little ass hole actually saved me a few weeks ago from my neighbor's dogs.

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Hopefully this link works

I only have an old cat named Doris. She's over 12 years old and anytime something happens I worry myself nearly sick thinking I'll loose her. I know that cats can live a lot longer but my parents' previous cat cat, who was only a few years older than Doris, fell asleep in the sun for the last time back in 2016. So, yeah, worries. I got her as a kitten from my best friend back in high school. Well, my friend's cat had escaped their apartment, found herself a neighbouring cat, and kittens happened. Doris (then named Angel) was the last one kitten they could't find an owner to so my friend's mom just threw the poor kitten into the car with us (no carrier or anything) after I had been there for a visit. Dad renamed her Diesel-Doris because Angel
1. is in English and therefore too difficult to pronounce
2. doesn't contain an "s", which is apparently a tradition upheld by all cats that dad has had any say about the naming with ever since his childhood cat Sotis ("sooty", guess his colour)
Luckily for me Doris is a relatively healthy old lady with a remarkable appetite for everything that isn't dry food, so I really only have to worry when she's out alone and decides that she's in a tournament anime with the neighbouring cats, trying to beat them all into submission and getting scratched for her trouble.

Bonus funny story that I encourage all pet-owning parents to recreate!
When I was born, social media wasn't invented yet, so families paid to have little notices of their newborns in the local newspaper. Just the basics, a photo, weight, length, time of birth, name and the name of parents and siblings. I'm technically the firstborn, but my parents put down "Sixten" as my "older brother". Without any hints of how Sixten was technically their cat. It's probably the best in-joke my family has ever produced. The clip from the newspaper is still safely stored in the photo album with my baby pictures, together with the cat+baby bump pictures and pictures of baby me napping using him as a pillow. Best big brother ever.

Sadly he got cancer and had to be put down when I was about 12, but he definitely was the favourite child in the family. Case point, his photo is the largest by a wide margin. Dad had played around with his camera (remember, this was long prior to digital cameras) and managed to get a perfect peek-a-boo picture of Sixten looking out through a door frame, so they supersized that photo and put it up in the hallway either around the time I was born or some time before. I think it's almost 5 times larger than any single photo they have of me or my sister, or anything else for that matter.

(and no, Sixten is not "six-ten", it's a genuine Swedish male name)

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i have two cats named lucky and stardust

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I currently have two cats; Harley and Baby. Harley is a 3 year old female tabby and Baby is an 8 year old orange/white male. I got Harley from my fiance's previous place of work and I got Baby from a friend. Harley is super energetic and likes to cuddle and give kisses from time to time. Baby is much more independent.

In the past, I have had several pets. I had maybe a half dozen cats throughout my life. Maybe more. The one we had the longest passed away a few years ago. He had a really big piece of my heart because he'd sleep in the same bed as me and loved getting kisses from me. He is greatly missed. My mom currently has a Border Collie named Lily that I grew up with a little bit. She's just a little older than Baby.

In the future, I'd like to have a few dogs. We have breeds that we like, but I think I'd be happy with just about anything. I won't buy from breeders and I won't buy breeds that heave been severely inbred for the purpose of aesthetics. I won't buy from breeders because they generally don't care about the well being of the animals, they just do it for the money. My sister's dog is a good example of that--she bought from a breeder that couldn't give her immunization records, so she had to get the dog all of her immunizations that she should have already had. They also docked her tail (cut it off for aesthetics). And I won't by inbred dogs because they live very short lives and will generally accumulate a lot of medical costs that they shouldn't need had they not been severely inbred.

But the breeds we like are Husky, German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Labrador, etc. Basically larger breeds. But I love my boyfriend's mom's dog and he's a tiny chihuahua. She hasn't asked her landlord if she can have him in the house yet, so he's been living with her parents. They took him to Texas and I'm kind of bummed they did. But if he stayed with us while they were dog, he would have became my dog... just how it happened with their bird.

Oak Chi
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Well technically this dog isn't mind and honestly the poodle doesn't like me.

I have planned to own a gunie pig.The gunies I saw at the pet store looked so kawaiii!!

Morbid Curiosity
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I'm too lazy to find pictures, but I have 3 black cats and a jack russell terrior.
Oliver, Koopa and Zelda are the cats, and Chloe is the dog.

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I completely forgot to mention that I have three birds. Two females and one male--they're cockatiels. We bought the females together because they were already bonded, and keeping them separated can be detrimental. Bad enough that they could die. We got the male from my fiance's grandparents (who they got from their daughter (fiance's mom)). And since they're all used to each other now, they can't be separated.

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I haven't had pets in a long time.... oddly enough there was a point in my childhood where I had tons, but I'm just not at a point in my life where I can adopt any more. I miss my old cats like crazy but there's no way I can keep one right now.
However, I DO remember my very first pet; an iridescent purple betta fish from Wal-Mart named Rainbow. I don't remember too much about that fish except for the day I bought him, and the day my sister and I tried cleaning his bowl and he flopped into the sink and almost down the drain... it was an interesting time.

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