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I've never seen the last seasons, they were never dubbed to Swedish (afaik) and after youtube was invented and I checked out the originals the "wrong" voices threw me off too much. I've been planning to watch them for years now though. I just never get the time.

I watched Sailor Moon religiously as a child though, or as much of it as was available. I recently managed to track down a Swedish fan site that actually had the patchy episode airings listed.

1996: episodes 1–23 (except 15,18) + 1–10 again
1997: episodes 12–23 (except 15,18) (stopping halfway through season 1)
1998: nothing
1999: episodes 1–37 (except 4)
2000: episodes 38–76 (except 49,54,68) (stopping right before the whole dark lady showdown)
2001: episodes 21–88 (except 49,54,68)
2002, 2003 and 2004: 6 re-runs of all 88 episodes except 49,54,68.

So yeah, for a while I knew Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R pretty much by heart, save for a few episodes that for mysterious reasons were withheld. I watched all the reruns, because by then I had been conditioned by previous re-runs (in 96, 99, and 01) to think that re-runs might lead into glorious new content. That didn't happen.

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