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Let me preface my saying that I AM of the drinking age in my country... but I can't remember if such talk is really allowed in the forums or on Solia in general? I haven't been here in... maybe a year? I remember last Christmas and that's pretty much it. So hi, Solia! I'm not back, necessarily... but I'm back-ish because, as I said, I'm drunk and lonely.

Anyone want to talk?! Beware for grammar and spelling mistakes as more shall undoubtedly show up the more I drink!

Also, I miss my friends~!!!! ;A; Zeeke!!!!!!! Zeal!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*

Posted 485 days
Have you ever drank so much (in general, not necessarily alcoholica beverages) that it becomes hard to swallow liquid in your mouth? I just had that experience as I took another shot of Frieballl.

I'm sorry if this is against rule guidelines. I just can't remmeber. I just want to talk with comeone!

Posted 485 days
Nevermind. I'm to the point of being a beligerent and just drunk beyond reason drunk, so I'm leaving. Sorry. I really did want to talk. Maybe I'll come back at a latwr date to seee if this is still up... or deleted... since it's basically just drunk ramblinds. Sorry, Dekkard and Case... and the team. I ont' don't who else is on the team. exactly.

(And yet I leave this tab open. And now I feel sick... or as if I'me going to be sick. Goody.)

Posted 484 days
I know you didn't stick around, and you may never see this. But I hope you're okay.

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Kina-chan wrote:...

If Kina-chan ever sees this...
Zee misses her toooooooooooo :qnq:

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