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I feel like a crochety old man coming back here, hobblin' in, but here we are kiddos.

Stuck in lockdown, I miss the friendships I used to have here on the colorful interweb. Been attempting to get back into art and dredged up some truly ancient solian fanarts, so! I missed you all, there's a ton of new faces. I humbly return!

/waves desperately

Posted 338 days
Hi, and welcome back!
Unfortunately the forums aren’t nearly as active as they used to be. :huh: But the towns and events is a nice way to pass the time at least.

Posted 331 days
Welcome back!
I was told early in the solia reboot that most user interactions is chatting in the towns nowadays, but I'm rarely online when Americans are awake so I mostly just skulk around alone like a feral apocalypse survivor and gather wheat :lurk:

Posted 331 days
Ampellilja wrote:...
:lol: Omg that description.

With most going back to work now, the time people are on is back to after work/school US hours. There's a few of us who play during work though. :ninja:

Celestine Amine
Posted 331 days
Welcome back. ^^ I’m with you on that front and I’m hardly in towns enough socially to get back into the swing of interactions:(

Posted 331 days
Im with butterfly xD
I play during work hours LMAO

I tend to see a few afk people around, I'm not one to start yelling hello anyone there tho xD

some loser
Posted 305 days

Posted 303 days
Disappointing the forums aren't what they used to be. Are there any other avatar sites that users flocked to? Seems a bunch are falling out of popularity.

Posted 303 days
That last statement explains it all, there's not enough people interested in forum based sites anymore, Solia had to change to survive.

Just about every site i know has minimal forum activity, unless something is involved for like an event or something people just no longer bother.

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