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Hey Solia! It's been a while. This site is so confusing right now... (Where on earth do I get a tent and mailbox from because they aren't in my invo...)

Right so I'm moving to Canada in January. Hoorah.
Long story short I got dumped, work is unbearable because my ex's best friend works there who is a GIANT DOUCHE NOZZLE and treats me like shit.
So I decided fuck it, I'm gonna move to an entirely different country and start fresh because I can't be doing with the drama and I hate the UK right now. (Brexit, corruption, assclows at work, I hate the small town I live in because of ex's friends alienating me so I can't even leave the house...)

Any Canadians here?
Any advise for moving abroad?

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Canadian here! WELCOME TO CANADA

not much advice though from me. it all really depends on where you move to

as for your tent and mailbox you need to click 'play' and it will take you to worlds.

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Woo! What part of Canada do you hail from?
I'm moving to Vancouver first and depending on the agency I'm working for I go where they send me (Within reason)

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I am on vancouver island!

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Ermagerd! You must have AMAZING views! Any advice you could give before I arrive?
I'm so freakin' excited to move there!

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at the moment the view is really smokey! LOL lots of forest fires at the moment so we are getting smoked out. as for advice? No clue at the moment I guess it really would depend on where abouts you move to

Vancouver and Victoria are super expensive to live imo. Also depends on your hobbies and such too!

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Yeah there's an artist who I follow who just moved to Calgary and watching his stories on Instagram it looks so smokey!
Yah I'm not toally sure yet until I've paid the work agency off and they actually find me a job so I could get placed in any number of places really! I should really do more research haha!

Cucumber Dip
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Sounds like it's definitely time for something new and exciting. You have an amazing opportunity to restart yourself. Best of luck with that Archangel!

Alchemist's Fire
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Hello new Canadian! I'll also second that Vancouver is hecking expensive. The whole Lower Mainland is, but it's a little better outside the city of Vancouver (Surrey, Langley, Delta), but even better if you got further afield to Abbotsford or Chilliwack. But at that point you'd better be able to drive, cause the transit suuucks.

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Just an update! So there's only a limited amount of Visa's handed out 5000 to be exact, I'm in what's known as the 'visa pool' awaiting to be accepted and then to get all my paperwork in! Hopefully it will be accepted over Christmas and I can look forward to getting out there in May. A little further back than what I expected, and I'll be trying for placements in Calgary!

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Also a Canadian, here. :)

I lived in Calgary for a few years. It's expensive, but not as expensive as Vancouver. I leased apartments there, and the market is pretty high currently. I did really enjoy living there, though - usually the pay wage offered from companies helps with the cost of living, so I think you should be fine.

Calgary, if you don't know, is split up into 4 areas: North East, North West, South East, South West. Then you have the Beltline, which is baaasically in the SW but more downtown. If you want cheaper rents, the NE is probably your best bet - I found a lot of people new to Canada/Calgary tend to venture there. Just keep in mind that Calgary is HUGE - it can take almost an hour to get from one end to the other end, and is slowly creeping up on Airdrie. If you know where you're going to be working, I would definitely keep that location in mind when looking for an apartment/place to live.

I never found the C Train to be all that terrible, just horribly packed if you need to get downtown for work in the mornings, and back from work in the evenings. Most locals will talk about how unreliable the transit is, but as someone who has lived in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto... it's really not all that bad. Not having a subway system is a little weird at first, but you get used to it after some time.

If you have any questions for me about Calgary, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

On the other hand, I am currently in the opposite position of you - I am a Canadian looking to move to the UK. xD
I am also wanting to get away, mostly from the dead end job I left Calgary for and new adventures. I'm sure it will be an adjustment after moving, but as someone that has lived in over 10 towns and cities, I'm not TOO worried... more concerned with the idea of giving up everything here for the unknown over there.

But the way I see it? To hell with it all. I'm 29, and I'm not getting any younger - I am single, I can afford it, I have UK Citizenship - so why not? xD

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Archangel wrote:...

I live in Calgary! If you would like to meet up or anything, I can certainly show you around! Calgary is big, so it helps to have someone to guide you. Plus I always enjoy making new friends. :D

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Ellri wrote:...

Omg thank you! Well my Visa is processing currently, shouldn't be too long and I have a job! I did a skype interview and they asked me to come. I'll be at Fairmont, I'll be working at the Fairmont hot springs just outside of Calgary. I'm so excited! Thankfully for the first six months I will have that job and also accommodation in the staff area, so I can save for an apartment for when I move back into tattooing.

MeaGEI wrote:...
Omg I would love that! I move in April! Well I'll be in Vancouver for the first week sorting gout all my paperwork and social security but then I'll be flying to Calgary, I'll be living just outside in Fairmont at the Fairmont hot springs but will definitely venture in every so often! <3

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I'm a Canadian! :) Hope everything works out for you!

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I'm from Canada! Welcome! :)

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