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I really need members to join my forum. so why not share it on here.

Title: Tainted Onez
Link: click
About: Tainted Onez is a fantasy theme forum with a sandbox Role-play, free graphics, stories and collectables.

We offer:
>Forum Gold with back
>shops. Buy stamps, pets, and RP items, or just set up your our shop.
>Sandbox RP with unlimited characters and words.
>Share your graphics, codes, artword, and stories.
>Collect stamps, sprites, graphics, and more.
>Site Events.
>Rp Events.
And lots more.

New members get a stater Pack that comes with 5 randoms stamps, 5 random trading cards and 1,000 gold. Just PM SalyaDarken, letting her know that you want to the starter pack.

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