Miku Asukito
Posted 55 days
((I totally did not click the wrong character in that post above.. :nuhhuh: ..Just ignore it..))

..Wait. What??? :wow: --I was what? Asking him out on a date?? *Recollects how this conversation just went* Shoot, looks I was. :no:

.......Umm... well-- why does time matter when we're in the virtual world, Ren. Don't mind the small stuff!! :baw: *Runs away to the next tab* :no:

Miku Asukito
Posted 54 days
HOLY SHHHHH---- *cough* *said nothing* *cough*
I only have until Monday to make cookies!!!??? Nuuuuuu! :baw: -I thought the event would be until the end of the month. :wat:
So many cookies to make-- Wait. More like, so many cookie crumbs to collect.. :eheh:

Miku Asukito
Posted 54 days
Phewww *Virtually wipes sweat on forehead* I just collected 206 whole cookie crumbs... :nnnn: Usually I complain about having too little energy when crafting things, but I was wondering when I was going to run out of energy so I'd have an excuse to stop Lmao :lol: :lol:

At this rate, I'll have enough cookies to get the 2 main things I want by monday though :party: :party:
If I want to push my luck and get the other, I'll have to rely on fooood :lurk: Which i will not do, my poor wheat stock--- *Salutes to thee* :joytears:
--Then again, it's there to be used.. :nuhhuh: -See this is what happens when you're a hoarder, you get attached even to things that you've been collecting for the purpose of using it... :eheh:

Miku Asukito
Posted 39 days
We need some more kdramas with Nine-tailed foxes -or Gumiho- as they call it in Korea! :omg: :omg:

Maybe make that second season showcasing Kang Chi and Yeo Wool in modern day world, O Gu-Family Book-san!!? :omg: I mean.. the name of the show is Gu FFaamily Book, yet the book is yet to make its appearance! We need to see Kang Chi becoming human this time don't you think!? :doom:
*Probably just trying to find a reason for the second season, totally doesn't mind Kang Chi remining as a gumiho-- but he wants to become one so, can't stop him there * :nuhhuh:

Speaking of second seasons, there's actually only dramas that need a season 2. Gu Family Book doesn't actually need one, but would be awesome if it had one! The two draamaas that need it are Vagabond and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo :lurk: Believe me. They need that season 2. We need to see the Ou-sama find his Joou-sama from modern world again, and we need to see what happened after the awesome stunt guy sw the NIS agent through his sniping gun! :omg: :omg: :omg:
*Totally didn't forget the characters' names and doesn't feel right using the actors' real names do this description this lol :lol: *
--Wait. Did I just Nonchalantly spoil the endings off those dramas...? Oops.. :eheh:

Anyway... yes, people. I'm apparently still in the drama phase, it seems to coming to an end though. Anime has been calling a lot lately.. :lurk: -My weekly visit to the anime world with OP nd DC isn't quite enough it seems.. That said.. I be still not in the mood to full-time continue the anime I started before the drama phase hit and if I start another anime I feel I'll never continue it.. :lurk:
*Full time because she still watched some episodes during the dram phase :nuhhuh: *

Miku Asukito
Posted 36 days
Apparently there's only the Final Movie to go which is apparently out but not out in sub yet...? I haven't verified that info yet But-- GINTAAMA!!! :qnq: :qnq: DON'T LEAVE ME IN THIS NON-HUMOROUS WORLD!!! :qnq: I NID MORE!!! :qnq:

-Yes. I'm already like before I even watch the final movie. Imagine what I'll be be like when i actually watch it! :errr:
Yet another mainstream anime that ends with a movie.. :butwhy: :sigh: SIGGHHHHHH :sigh:
Oh anime when I tell you,
They always give it--

:plzohplz: :joytears:

Miku Asukito
Posted 34 days
...I still don't understand how this thread has over 100k views... :blank:
Just how?? :wahhh: --Tis one of the 7 wonders of the Thread's World! :wahhh:
Speaking of the "7 wanders" thing. Why is it always 7? :lurk: Even in anime, they say "7 mysteries" or something along those lines. Why not 6? Or 8? Or 9. Or 5. If they so desire odd numbers.. :lurk:

Miku Asukito
Posted 33 days
LMAO :rotfl:
That's one too many zeros, Gogoanime!!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Detective Conan Episode 10001 just came out today y'all!! :lol: :lol:
According to gogo-san. If only it was really 10001 though. But still, CONAN BROKE 1000!!! :fangirl: :fangirl: AND HE'S STILL GOING STRONG WITH SOLVING THOSE MYSTERIES!!! :fangirl:
EEEEEEEE :fangirl:

I need more than 1 episode per week, or you'll find me rewatching it... Again. Believe me, it's probably going to happen after I finish this anime I'm watching right now... :lurk:

Miku Asukito
Posted 31 days
Her name is Koko
She is loco
I say oh no---- OH NO FOR REAL IS THAT THE TIME!!?? :insane:

*Probably got too distracted with finishing this anime and didn't realize it's almost tomorrow*
*Also those 3 lines are from the show lmao* :rotfl: :rotfl:
Jormungand. Pretty... interesting. :nuhhuh:
Need to see the world regress to pre-airlines time!! Gimme a season 3! -Or movie/OVA?? :omg: :omg: I'll take anything! :omg: :omg:

Off to rewatch DC now... :stalk:

Miku Asukito
Posted 28 days
My gold count is beyond recovery! :baw: It's plummeting! Dropping by the day! :baw:
-And myself here keeps spending :nuhhuh:
*Blames the bingo*
Yes. The bingo is correct. Like seriously. What do you mean 7500 --That is SSEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED!!--- Hunger points?? Like, OIII nandeyanen?!! :tableflip:
That is basically telling me toto either craft the chow, buy the chow, or buy the sunflowers for the seeds... because the one known as Miku will never thaat much pert chow prepared and waiting already! :-_-:
Are you sure you didn't mean 750 instead? :joytears:
--Of course I went with the seeds because it seemed to be the cheapest method-- but-- Still-- my goldies.. :ugh:

On the bright side, it will get me exp for the farmer job, I'll finally get to star 1 again! :party:
-I still think I should've been repaid in pet chow and not gems for all that hard work though... :mwah:

Well anyway... :ninjapoof:

Miku Asukito
Posted 28 days
Guys. Put your chickens in your dog houses. Free feed-to-full service coming your way. :lurk:
Make sure they're hungry. No less than 5 seeds will be given to each chicken. So 5, or none. :awesome:

That said, by the time you all see this message I'll probably have already used the seeds... hmmm.. depends on how things go.. :lurk:

Miku Asukito
Posted 26 days
Hoi thread! :cheer:
How long has it been since I fed those chickens? 2 days? Perfecto! The second and final round of the free feed-to-full service will happen today! I hope your chickens are ready for some food! :omg: :omg:

Then 2 scavenge all day for 14k gold... :-_-: --And catch a little over 50 kogo-- and get this stubborn cow to give me that last cream!! :plzohplz:
Then a couple others that'll be done today.. :nuhhuh:

Miku Asukito
Posted 26 days
Looks like there's going to be a third round as well.. *refer to above post*
I miscalculated the time when the chickens would be down to 0 once again.. looks like I'll have to wait 2 more days.. :mwah:
I had to sacrifice my "5 or none" policy or I'd really have given 0 seeds today lol... :nuhhuh:
Still got 75 whole seeds to give out.. :mwah:
If I get anymore impatient about this, I might end up feeds ur chickens that aren't in ur doghouses.. which would legit be wasting the seeds.. :blank:
Unless the fact that it's going to turn to pink blobs on your land is going help you.. maybe for the clean up square? Idk.. :lol:

Anyway.. off to watch some epis then I'll think about catching those kogos..
Keyword here: "Think" :lurk:

Miku Asukito
Posted 23 days
Huhuhuhu :devil:
Things are going well. Very bery well.. :stalk:

What things you ask? Well, of course! Anime!! :fangirl:
I was just checking the progress off the anime on my "Waiting" list. Meaning the list of shows I'm waiting for to be completed. :lurk:
Progress going good. :awesome:

Kingdom 3
Log horizon s3
The promised neverland 2
7 deadly sins S4
Cells at work s2
World trigger 2
Zero isekai s2 part 2
slime 2
AoT final
gintama semi final

And upcoming!
Kimetsu no yaiba s2
Ascendance of the bookworm s3

Hehehehe..Everything's going well on this Year of New Seasons! :lurk:
Cells at work s2 is completed already??? What-what- WHAT-- an EIGHT episode season!?? Not even 12? But why.. :butwhy:

Miku Asukito
Posted 22 days
Today is the day I finish the bingo! :party:
The cow finally gave me that last cream you see... 20+ whole days, Cow-san? Really? :shake:

Just 25 more kogo to catch and less than 2k gold to get! :doom:

Let's get started!!
--As soon as I finish an epi... or two.. :nuhhuh:

Miku Asukito
Posted 19 days
*COUGH* *cough* *cough*
*Almost choked on her food* :blink:

What caused?

"Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season
Episode 1"
Was displayed on the recent releases page just as I was loading the next epi of Conan!!! :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl: EEEEEEEE :fangirl:
BAKUGOU-SAMA--- *cough cough* I mean--- :nuhhuh: Fine I guess I meant that. :blush: And Shoto-sama!! :fangirl: --Deku is getting cool too. :omg: :omg:
Wonder how many episodes it'll have?? :love: Cant wait to see!!!

Now back to this epi of conan, and-- eating. Yes. I stopped my meal to come say this... :nuhhuh: :nuhhuh:

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