Posted 1491 days

mine was the very first sailormoon

Posted 1491 days
Baasu wrote: do you have ps4? they sell it on their market

Nope, PC for me :nuuu:

Cucumber Dip
Posted 1489 days

Hard to say.
I watched what Cartoon Network had available.
There was Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Code Lyoko.
That's not counting the Miyazaki movies.

Posted 1489 days
Well like a few people it was a combination, Sailor moon, Card captor Sakura and Pokemon.

Posted 1488 days
sailor moon!!!

then again, that was back when i had no control over what i was watching, hahah - so i guess d.gray-man was actually my first

i t h a s b e e n h e l l b u t i s t i l l s t a n d . . .

Angel Spirit Girl
Posted 1488 days

Having believed, you were marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,
who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God's possession ...

Current form : porcelain doll

Angel is several decades old, so the first anime I watched was Speed Racer way back when I was young.

Posted 1480 days
Growing up in Japan I have watched many anime from a young age and I don't remember what my first anime was. o.o but couple of anime I was obsessed with as a kid are card captor sakura and the first generation of puricure. :)
Recently I have gotten into watching anime again, and madoka magika was the first anime I watched in years.

Posted 1480 days

    My very first anime was Canadian dubbed Astro Boy. :^_^: The difference between the US and Canadian was the voices and ours was taken from TV France and dubbed from there as opposed to being taken directly from Japan. I have NO idea why. :drop: Aside from the fact we got a ton of anime from France.

Posted 1467 days
Cybersix, then it was either gundam wing or sailormoon, then sakura cardcaptors and inuyasha XP then to Loveless, to deathnote XP

Posted 1449 days
Ranma 1/2 and it's one of my favs till this day xD i grew up on the dubs when I was little(before I even knew it was anime lol) my second one is Sailor Moon! :fangirl:

Caffeinated Kitty
Posted 1447 days
Gundam Wing was mine xD

Posted 1447 days
My first anime was Tokyo Mew Mew. Im not sure what the japanese name was.

Posted 1446 days
Haha, my first anime was called Sugar Baby Fairy Love~ Very kawaii, I still remember the theme song! :neener:

Posted 1445 days
@CaffeinatedKitty: omg, mine too!!! :D

So yeah, Gundam Wing was my first anime and it was AMAZING. I still really love some of the characters (Trowa! :red: ) and remember how hard the views regarding pacifism resonated with me. I'm fearful to watch it again, because I'm scared I won't like it as much now. But it's still a series I really loved.

Around that time I also got acquainted with Sailor Moon. Before I'd watched Pokemon and Digimon but I had no idea they were "anime". Then my brother-in-law, who knew about anime (and is 15 years my senior) brought me some of his VCR tapes for Battle Angel Alita and Ghost in the Shell, and man. I was hooked.

Posted 380 days
Truthfully, I've never really liked anime. The art style and colors are usually beautiful, but I just can't get into it for the most part because it brings back boring and painful memories of watching the Pokemon anime when I was little when there was nothing better on. However, the first anime I enjoyed was "Hamtaro." I loved it so much! I still have my little Bijou beanbag doll from when I was four years old. Later on I got addicted to "Sailor Moon," and that-- along with a couple other magical girl animes-- became the main exception to my distaste for most anime.

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