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All you need to know.
(what is this thread?)

"Welcome to Mythrensari!" Vexous greets you with a warm smile and offers you a seat.
"It can be a little confusing at first as this thread is very different form all the others we have around the place." She continues as you take a seat.
"This place is the foundation of the Elven Sanctuary, we pride ourselves on helping others and showing them a good time. We run a casino in the hangouts section, but unlike most Casino's you don't tend to loose any money, you could certainly get rich with a bit of luck. But of course you must remember we are foremost a charity, we strive to make people's lives easier."
She slides a piece of paper in front of you. "Here's the rules of the land, make sure you read it through, once your done the fun can begin." She gives you a wink and stands leaving you to read in silence.


- Be respectful to others, be kind, be noble and enjoy yourself.
- Conflict is encouraged for role-playing but don't make it personal.
- Only enter/use one Character per event, if you die you may create another.
- Actual role playing isn't needed but is encouraged.
- Please make sure to use the correct Speech - ("Hello there!") for role-playing.
- You may format your posts anyway you see fit.
- Remember to obey all T&C of Solia.Online.
- No cybering within the thread - take it to PM's, this thread is not private it is for all.
- You may not control the actions of any other character but your own.
- When Collecting prizes, only choose items you actually want.
- Do not claim items that you wish to sell or trade to profit your own account.

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Current Event:

Fun in The sun!

Lets have some fun with a water fight!
You can use water guns, balloons, buckets, your hands you name it you can do it!

To win Tokens is easy and simple!
Roll any Dice and get the below numbers:
1, 7, 10, 13 or 20
To earn Tokens,

There is a few rules:
No double posting,
No more then one roll per post,
You do not have to wait for someone else to roll
(ie if i post "updated" you can roll again)
Success/fail does not matter, you can leave it blank if you like.
Role playing is not a requirement, but you can if you like.
Each post must have something water related to count.

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The setting:

(A description/image of where the characters are or the layout of the building / grounds - maybe even a map)


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How to Join the Event:

No special requirements are needed,
You just need a character in this thread:

How to create a character
In the thread that you would like to create a character in find the small gaming button: Image
It should be at the very top of the thread under the name of the thread.
Click this to take you to the character creation page:
You'll get a notification when your approved. Then you'll be able to post.

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Characters Tally's:
Often used for bonus awards at the end of the event
Username // Total posts // xx

blackcatichiban // 16 // 5
Miku Asukito // 16 // 2
Hurbird // 1 //
Coralinde // 2 //
Amine // 1 //
Misaki // 7 //

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Bonus Awards

There may be special prizes /and or awards for the following:

First to Get a 1
First to get a 7
First to get a 10

First to get a 13
First to get a 20
Top 3 Posters
Role Playing Mentions
Top Token Earners

The prizes will be bonus tokens to use in the RP Store,
Usually awarded at the end of the event unless it is a "first"

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How to Claim Prizes

Once you have enough Tokens to claim something:

Commons = 1 Token,
Uncommons = 2 Tokens,
Crafted = 3-6 Tokens,
Rares = 5 Tokens,
Epics = 10 Tokens
Legendary's = 20 Tokens
Event Items= Varies 1-10 Tokens

Head into the Rp bank to pick something you would like to claim,
to do this follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Rp Options at the top of the page

Step 2: Go to the RP Bank and Shop Tab
(this will be on the top on smaller devices and down the side on large ones)

Step 3: Look in the Shop and note your Tokens on that page

Step 4: Select the Item you would like to purchase

Step 5: Confirm your Purchase by selecting the account you would like it to go to,
(you should only have one account that will have tokens for the RP thread)

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The How to's / helpful hints

How to roll actions
You must have an approved Character to be able to do this:
Spoiler: show


Then Hit Submit when your done.
You will not be able to edit once it's posted so make sure to double check it all.

How to Use the RP Bank & Shop:
In the Rp Options panel you will find a tab that says RP Bank & Shop
You can use your tokens here to claim prizes, or donate to the bank yourself.
Spoiler: show

Role Play Tips:

You don't need to be an expert role player to join in on our event so here's some handy hints,
Always keep your actions and your speech separated, the best way to do this is as follows:
vexous wrote:Vexous turned around spotting someone, "Oh Hi!"

It doesn't need to be complicated, you can do what ever you like.
They can be short and sweet, or long and detailed that's completely up to the person.

Next thing to remember is that you cant control other characters:
vexous wrote:Vexous tapped the man on the shoulder, when he didn't respond she pulled on his arm making him turn around.

Thats an example of what not to do, instead try:
vexous wrote:Vexous tapped on the mans shoulder but he didn't seem to respond. Frustrated she tugged on his arm trying to get his attention."

In this example i'm still interacting with the character but not forcing him to do anything.
You want to give the other character something to react to, not you making them react.

Referring to yourself by name be a little odd sometimes, so instead you can say I, me and my if that's what you prefer:
vexous wrote:I didn't know what to do, shyly lifting my hand i waved. "Hi" I finally managed to say.

There is many many ways you can role play, so take control and find the way that works for you.

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Header Battle's

How to Battle:

Currently not available

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The Role Play Dungeon

How to play
Coming soon

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