December Events Ending, Faceoff, Farming Contests and New Items!

Posted: 220 days ago

The Yeti has left, and with it, the final way to earn Ornaments. You can still spend your ornaments at the Santa's Helporium Shop until.
You can also still make Gingerbread Cookies and spend them until January 6th.
Today is the Last day to open your Secret Santa Box.

Today is the Last Day to catch Holiday Fen. Make sure to get out there and catch one while you still can.


Entry for the New Years round of Faceoff has begun. Get your avatar ready, voting begins on Friday. You may choose to enter early by talking to Vicky in Linden.


January brings the winter Farming Contests!
    Cow Contest 1st
    Crop Contest 8th
    Chicken Contest 15th
    Fishing Contest 22nd


Willem has new items in trade for Black Mollys or Chili Fish at this Fish'n Hole shop.