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To make up for the rough start, the event is being extended. You have until Thursday to play and gain coins.


Want some Kogo updates? Here's a few some of you might even recognize!


If you're wondering where the missing fire guy is it currently has 3 concepts for the 3rd stage. Because of that its just not been included for now since we don't want anyone getting their heart set on one of the concepts if its ultimately not the one used. The ones shown while their colors and patterns aren't totally set in stone yet their designs are so we've no worries in sharing them. Which one will you be grabbing for your starter?

Our avatar of the month is Damien Blackheart.

For anyone still debating on getting a sub this month, the Tier 2 and up Monthly Item is the Rainbow Flying Muffin Aura which is a tool that will have flying muffings following you.

For the month of June you'll be able to fish Shark Puppies in ponds. If you haven't caught your fill of Kibbits yet, be quick as they'll be leaving tonight.

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