Glitter Gala Gacha, Faceoff Voting Starts, E-mail and Alert Updates.

Posted: 215 days ago

Today is the first day for the Glitter Gala Gacha. The Snowdrops Gacha ended yesterday, sorry about the lack of a heads up.


Voting for Faceoff has begun. Talk to Vicky to start Voting!

When voting, two avatars will walk out onto the stage, click or tap one to choose the one you vote for then click submit vote. When you vote for an avatar, that avatar gains a point. The person with the most points in the end is the winning avatar. The winning avatar in the end will receive a Material Prize Pack. If the avatar you voted for is the same one others are voting for, or in other words the avatar with the higher points of the 2 currently on stage, you'll begin to chain. When you get a chain of 5, you'll receive a prize bag. Head to your Inventory to open them up and receive unique prizes.



You've got only 2 days left to spend any left over Ornaments or Gingerbread Cookies. Be quick before they disappear!


Due to issues with our email server, registration is currently still open. Those problems seem to be for the most part sorted out, we've got a few last hiccups to fix then the e-mail telling people of their last chance to claim their name will be sent. It had been sent before but apparently no one got it. So as this problem gets sorted out your alert e-mails should also start working properly. To turn them on, or off for that matter, go to your mailbox and change your settings by clicking the notifications button in the top right.

The closing for registration will be 7 days from when we get the email working properly so everyone gets a fair warning.