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We hope everyone has a warm and safe holiday, if you come for a visit Tomorrow or Friday Mira will have a special quest for you.


Thank you everyone who've been helping out putting in feedback tickets on our Kogo updates. So to cover the more common questions.

Whats up with those barn stats?
    Those are not direct stat points, they're training points. They're not 1-1, so that's why you don't see an immediate change. We're working on a way to display your Kogo's Training points to you and it will make more sense at that time. We're sorry for any current confusion.

Kogo's Star Points.
    There are a ton of questions around the Kogos Stars. We're looking to make this easier to understand, and change it a bit.
    What it comes down to, a 1 Star level 30 Kogo, is stronger then a base level 30 Kogo. The same goes for every subsequent star the Kogo earns.
    The change we plan to make is that the stars will now be optional. This is going to take some time to change the systems so if you currently have a Kogo at the 30 cap and you don't want it stronger you just want to keep going, just take it off your team for now and hang tight until we complete the updates to the system.

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