Last chance for Santa's Helper Shop, Turn in a Cow, Errors being worked on.

Posted: 101 days ago

You have until the 7th to spend any lingering December currencies. The shop and Santa's Helper will be leaving Thursday night so make sure to grab whatever you want before then!


Also, don't forget to enter a Cow to Gary's Contest before Thursday Night.


We are having a little trouble with the calendar showing everything one day ahead and the newest Gacha's Ladder Rewards. The Calendar is the result of the Leap Year and we're working on getting it fixed.

The Gacha's ladder rewards are mixed into its normal pulls. If we changed it now we would not be able to credit anyone for any plays they made over the weekend so we're going to leave this one as it currently is. No items are missing, the items that would have been the ladder rewards are in the normal pull pool.