Monthly Item, Avatar of the Month, Item Whoopsie

Posted: 225 days ago

There's a little whoopsie on the Cyber Fox Gacha. Its been brought to our attention that we got a duplicate item in the system. The Cyber Fox Mask, was the same item as the Geared Up Mask.

To fix this, the Cyber Fox Mask has been changed to arm warmers. If you had the mask (It would now be the arm warmers), and wanted the mask instead PM Dekkard and I'll trade the item for you.


For anyone still debating on getting a sub this month, the Tier 2 and up Monthly Item is the New Years Wings. These wings are oversized and won't work on your normal avatar. They can only be worn in game as a back tool.

Our Avatar of the month winner is Mevneriel!


January's Monthly event is the Farming Contests, each week a new contest will begin. You have 1 week to enter - winners are announced, then you have 1 week to collect your prize and entry. Even if you do not win, your entry is returned to you so there's no reason not to give it your best try!

You can enter the farm contest by talking to Gary.