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Today is the LAST DAY to play the Firebird Fans Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Moonlight Rabbit Gacha.

As a heads up, in April we will be doing Wishlist Gachas. The purpose for this is to create a time gap so the art for the towns and NPC's can get caught up. The items on these Gacha will be chosen by what items appear the most on your wishlists. So you can easily vote on the items you'd like to see appear in April by placing them on your wishlist! The entire Gacha will be chosen via wishlist picks so make sure to vote on all rarities of items by adding them to your wishlist not just legendary (Crown Rarity) ones.


Today is the LAST DAY to use any remaining Heart Cookies or Cookie Pieces you have. Adelaide will be leaving tonight and any left over cookies or pieces will be removed so don't wait!

And of course we have our Contest Winners!

Our avatar winner is:

And the Designer contest winner is:
赤い蝶's Valentine Shirt

Congrats to our winners, your prizes will be delivered this afternoon.

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