New Lamenting Phantoms Gacha, Faceoff Voting Begins, Trick Or Treat Shop Update.

Posted: 188 days ago

Today is the last day for the Ancient Desert Gods Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by a new Lamenting Phantoms Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!

The Lamenting Phantom Companions is a tool items that will give you some demonic buddies when worn in game.


Faceoff Voting has begun. If you've already entered you can get to voting right away. If you have not entered you'll need to talk to Belinda to enter an avatar before you can vote.

The faceoff theme is a Halloween Costume.
To vote pick talk to Belinda or click the stage after entering an avatar.
Once the contestants walk out choose the outfit on the stage that you think matches the theme best.
If everyone agrees with you, you'll start a chain combo.
When your chain hits 5 you'll receive a prize bag.

Choosing a contestant is also a vote for that contestant, the person with the most votes at the end will win a prize pack for their outfit. So make sure you put your best outfit forward!

Once you've earned some bags don't forget to head to your inventory and open them up for a prize!



Delia's Candy Shop has updated with some more prizes.


Please keep in mind any item plans you buy which end up in the Event Job category will leave at the end of the month. So make sure to craft as many as you want before then!