Posted 17 days

Today is the last day for the Feathered Temptress Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Wishlist Gacha so be sure to get any last plays in before tonight!


This wishlist Gacha is a special Gacha, linked to another Gatcha that will start on the 19th.
While its contents are that of a normal Wishlist Gacha, its ladder rewards are all new. 4 pieces of the outfit can be found on tonight's Gacha ladder, and the other 4 will appear on the Wishlist Gacha that will start on the 19.


While Scavenging keep an eye out for Fallen Summer Stars. Pick up as many as you can then talk to Zane to trade them for items!



The fire event ended last night but you've still got a the week to spend any tokens you still have. Don't forget them!

If you're looking for the Shark Pups be sure to use Bait in ponds when fishing, it won't be found any other way.

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