The Biggest Solia Announcment Yet!

Posted: 757 days ago
Hey everyone! We've got a big one:

Today we wanted to share with you the direction Solia is currently going. This will ensure we're all on the same page, and on the same track. Right now, we tend to listen a lot to suggestions, which is great, but can side track us a lot. So besides fixing bugs, other features and suggested features will continue to come, but after this project is done just so we GET IT DONE, and it's in your hands and you can start having fun and have a solid game.

Story & New Features

Our first big hurdle to tackle is going to be finishing the NPC's and the relationships.

Since some people won't have as much knowledge of Solia World as others, we're just going to start from the beginning.

    Solia is a world that has gotten past the devastation and in the healing phases of an apocalyptic event. The inhabitants are still broken into small groups having a difficult time getting by, and bandits are still a problem. But there are people in the world trying to do good by building villages and cities and creating welcome settlements for people to gather to help one another and prosper together. One such city that you are probably familiar with is Sorven, founded by the Winters Family.

    Now headed by Raine Winters, Sorven has an overcrowding problem. It can't grow fast enough to get ahead of, so Raine has taken on a project to try to spread Sorven's prosperity. She is looking for people to start building more towns, in places with more room than Sorven has left. This is where you come in, take up the task, and start your own settlement. Create not only your own home, but homes for others; gather villagers, and with their help - create a prospering town.


But without the ability to create and start your relationships, you can't really do that, or even start, so that's why we've decided this is the most important piece to finish next. It may not sound like a big deal but there's a whole lot that goes into it!

Every Character needs likes and dislikes, unique dialogue, and changing dialogue as they get to know or like you better. There is special dialogue when married, for every character, even the ones you don't choose to marry. They have the ability to use the gifts you give them, backstories, lives, families, jobs and schedules, some have special needs or requirements before they'll choose to move into your town - and a system has to be created for each one of these things so they actually work.

To have a villager join your town, you'll first need to start building a relationship with them so they trust you enough to move. Helping them out (like with Adelaide's broken wings) will help foster good feelings towards you. Likewise, if there's someone you don't like, you could always just do or give them things they dislike to ensure they stay far away from your town. Just remember to build a house on your land so they have somewhere to stay when they want to move in! Just like you, a character won't like receiving the same gift every day. While you may be happy receiving strawberries for a while, if someone gave them to you every day, you'd soon have too many and be tired of them. Favorite gifts will change from time to time; someone might not like snow cones as much when it's snowing outside compared to when they're at the beach.


And while everyone likes food of some sort, useful gifts are even more appreciated. Give them clothing they like and they can be spotted wearing it, and decorations they like found being used in their home (On your land).

Quests are being ramped up in a big way, with Daily and Weekly quests, as well as Achievements coming from Raine in Sorven. As she sends you support and funding from Sorven, she'll need progress updates, so remember to take lots of selfies to keep her happy. Do a good job and even she might just fall for you. There are lots of relationship quests from all your village friends, and more interaction from characters, as you've seen a little bit of from their greetings as you walk by. We've also got tons of updates and new things for all jobs that we hope to release in one big update.

All of that's not to say we've forgotten summer. We've got more summer events and festivities on the way, but while you wait, don't forget to catch yourself a Shark Puppy!

Feature Changes & Optimizations

We're going to change a few things to make the game more playable for everyone. Right now, plants and pets (when in the massive abundance many people have) will make the game lag very badly on older phones or computers. To help fix this, we're currently adding Barns and Greenhouses. This means you won't need the hoards of doghouses, planters and pots you currently have. We'll have a trade in available when the change is made so you can turn in and get some refunds on the pots/planters/doghouses you no longer want. Saving some to make gifts of later may be something to keep in mind though!

An update from the art team is a remake to the entire avatar. This means all the item layering and all of the animations. Unfortunately, this one can't be rolled out all at once. Half of it can be done at once but the item updates are done individually, so while that part is being done, there will be probably 2 weeks where your avatar looks a bit wonky. The end result, however, is that items should stop clipping oddly in game and all items that should work on your avatar - will work. It also allows them to open the way for Animated Avatar items, Avatar Emotions for both player and NPC's, and more fun gestures.

You can help!

With a lot of NPCs and relationship needs, comes a LOT of story and dialogue. Since we've already got our hands full with updates and content, we could really use some volunteers to help with some scenario writing. This does not mean major storyline - most of that is already completed. What we need are people to write up things like silly quests, day to day interactions, dialogue from visiting NPCs during events, come up with random villagers, mostly small or fun things that aren't difficult. Just so much of it is needed that without help, it takes a long long time to do alone. In many cases you will have you own villager(s) and you'll be able to pick what they like, how they dress and act. Along with quests for them. For more information, please send me a mail!