White Day Results, Creator Contests, Sellbox Updates

Posted: 350 days ago

The Valentine Creator Contests have come to an end. Our winners will be announced next week after the tallies have been added.

This months Designer Contest is for a Spring Themed Baseball Cap! The winner will receive a material Prize Pack.

This months Selfy Contest is for a Spring Themed Spring Selfie. The winner will receive a material prize pack.

To get started Designing, talk to Artie to get your Art Job then head to the artist area.
    Designer Contest winners are decided by how many copies of your item you have sold. You may enter as many designs as you like, however only 1 design can win and sales count against individual designs. If you sell 50 copies of your item to your friend it only counts as 1 sale. Any Baseball cap made within the contest period will automatically be entered. To learn more about how to use the Designer to make an item check out [this post]
    Selfy Contest winners are chosen by the staff. Any selfie taken within the contest period is automatically entered.

Both Contests end on April 14th.


Our Top performers for the White Day Battle Event:

    Team with the most Points:
      Case's Team

    Most points of each team:
      Case's Team: Eddie
      Billiam's Team: Angel Spirit Girl
      Dekkard's Team: Celestine Amine

Even if you were not a top placer, all participants will be receiving a prize. You should get a notification when your prize delivers.


Many crafting items which did not have sellbox value have been updated to now be sellable, as well as many foods having had edible value added. Not all food is edible, you may need to cook it into something before you can eat it. All crafting materials, including Kogo materials, and recipes should how have sale values.