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Kit, Trixie and Kale have quest chains you can participate in for Valentines.

Along the way you can earn Cookie Pieces which Trixie can trade you for whole cookies. To complete the quests you'll need a bit of help from your fellow towns folk. Most of them in the hub now have quests you can turn in once every 6 hours for goodies you can keep or use to help your quest lines.

Cookies can be traded in to Trixie for Valentine Boxes which contain some limited time Valentine items.

If you visit Kit she's got a special pet for you; your first one's free, after that she'll charge you. Use the Piggy's special Treasure Hunter skill to find more cookie pieces. Halloween’s Pumpkin Kitty and Valentine’s Hearty pets also carry this skill.

If you haven't yet, now would be a great time to pick up your Chained Heart item by doing the survey. It'll go great with your Valentine decorating!


There are less than 33 left available to claim. You can check out the original announcement for that by clicking [here]

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