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Roleplaying System
An all new Roleplaying System has been added to Solia! This system has a whole host of new features and the best part is that all of the functional features are gold based instead of Luna! For a full list of features, check out this post. Features include the ability to use photos instead of avatars in the forum, dice rolling with success and failure results, and full character sheets with stats, posting styles, background, character lore and motivation.

Solia Lore
Inside the Roleplaying system you are able to setup your character with a character sheet. These character sheets have information built in to tell you about the Solia Races! Start exploring the world of Solia through your own roleplays.

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I try to climb to the top of a mountain
[roll=str][success]I get to the top.[/success][fail]I fall and get hurt[/fail][/roll]


In the above example, I do not have a Character Photo set, but character photos are set as the default display in my roleplay.

World Information
We're working hard on new features for the Easter Event, please forgive us as the world will be restarted quite some number of times to test and ensure things work correctly.

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