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Hey everyone.

We're very sorry for the wait, as some may have noticed your Cheshire Cat now works. Place it on your land and it'll show off its disappearing act, or it'll sit on your shoulders if worn on your avatar. As an apology for the wait, to anyone who has a MI receiving sub this month and os was effected by the delay will also find a bundle of materials in your inventory. If you already had some of the item, they may auto-stack to your current stack.

Image x50
Image x20
Image x10

For those working on the events you've still got time. The events will end on the following dates:
    Easter Egg Hunt: 4/25
    Easter Target Shooting: 4/25
    Broken Wings (Adelaide): 5/9

With the unfortunate situation with my tablet forcing the opportunity to give a different gacha setup a try, we'll have four 15 item gacha this month instead of two 30 item gacha. So there will be updates on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. If this setup is liked we may change it to every Friday to make it more streamlined. This allows for more theme's to be touched on, hopefully making more people happy. We'd love to hear from you and about theme's you'd like to see in the future.

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