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There is about 12 hours left to play the Angelic Fate Gacha at the time of writing this. Tonight it will be replaced with the Faerie Rabbit Gacha.


Its time to pick up your chickens and get your results!
This week's competition will be the last competition of the festival. Fish and turn in your biggest caught Chili Fish to win a material bundle!

This also means that the Festival will soon end. Make sure you put in any last minute purchases from the NPC's or finish their quest lines in the next week.


Fishing is now available!

You'll only need a fishing rod to get started. You can fish at any pond you find, or place your own pond. You can fish 5 times per pond per hour. The event room list will currently show all lands with a pond. For the sake of the festival you'll only catch Chili fish right now but keep your biggest one to turn in for the competition!

Ponds are landscaping items so be aware if you place one you will need to use a Landscaping Tool to move it.

Talk to Gary to get started with your gear or to turn in Fish.

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