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The Vaein are back looking to collect and take home some of the strange objects of this outside world. They've made some harvest themed goodies to trade for Leaves and Turkey Feathers.


Collecting Turkey Feathers:

    Talk to Arev and complete his Quest for a Turkey Trap Recipe.
    Once you have the recipe make a Turkey Trap!
      You do not have to complete the quest or craft a trap yourself. If you purchase a trap off the market it will work.
    Once you've made or bought a Turkey Trap place it on your land.
    The Turkey Trap can trap a turkey once per hour.
    You can collect feathers Image from the turkey and set it free by clicking the trap.
    You can collect from ALL traps, not just your own.
    Everyone's Turkeys are unique, you can collect from traps and you're not stealing feathers from anyone else.

Collecting Leaves:

    While Emptying Turkey Traps or while just wandering around you may scavenge a few types of leaves.

    Gather as many of these as you can and Elieth will trade them for goodies. These items will appear in bubbles the same as scavenging items and a pet with Fetch can collect them for you.


    Elieth, Arev, and Mira each have a quest for you involving Leaves and Turkey Feathers. Make sure to keep them in mind when choosing how to spend your currencies.

    Just like with Halloween, Elieth also has last years items in her shop at double price. Last year all of the Panda's were not sold so she has the remaining 19 Panda's in her shop at the same price as least year. Once those panda are gone they will leave her shop. Elieth's shop will update throughout the event. It will be announced when the final update is made.


Vicky has come to town to scout for possible new locations for his Salon. Lucky for us he's also brought some of his inventory to test out the market. Vicky's shop only accepts FUNS as currency and sells items such as Contacts, Noses, Mouths, Eyebrows, and Wigs.

Vicky's shop will update throughout the event. It will be announced when the final update is made.


Gary will be offering a Chicken Contest, Crop Contest, and a Cow Contest.

To enter:
    During the entry period talk to Gary to enter item which the current round is held for.
    Keep in mind that you'll want to put your best foot forward.
    The higher your pets Heart rating the better it will score.
    During the Crop Contest; entry is 9 items. You may enter multiples of an item however less points are granted to duplicates.
    At the end of the entry period an announcement will be made to pick up your results and possible prize from Gary.
    When you pick up your results, enter for the next round!

    Winners of the Chicken Contest receive a White ChickenImage
    Winners of the Crop Contest receive a Material Prize Pack
    Winners of the Cow Contest receive a Red CowImage

When entering these contests your entry is put up against NPC entries. Because of this; it is possible for many people to win. Results of the top 3 entries may be announced when the new rounds are announced however they are just for fun, there is no prize for having the top entry vs other member entries.

We also have a Design Contest!

Create a Fall themed Tank Top between today (Nov 8th) and the end of the month to automatically enter. The winner will be the person who has sold the most of their design. This is determined by the number of accounts holding your design, buying a bunch of your own design won't help your standing. Likewise even if a friend were to buy 10 of your design it would still only count as 1 person.

The winner of the design contest will receive a material pack.

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