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In about 4 and a half hours from this posting the Witchling Gacha will be leaving. Tonight the Autumn Cybernetics Gacha will take its place.


Lands can now have bonus turkeys! If a turkey is attracted to a land by a turkey trap but the cage is already full it will stick around and roam that land for awhile. If there is a roaming turkey in the area you will be alerted by a message when you arrive. Unlike caged turkeys these ones won't just give up their feathers. You'll need to shoot them with an arrow before you can collect your feathers. To shoot click or tap in the direction you want your arrow to go. Once you've found and shot the turkey just click it to collect your feathers. You cannot shoot if there is not a roaming turkey on the land. Arrows will automatically equip if there is a roaming turkey nearby.

There are also now golden turkeys on the trot. These are especially rare turkeys that give 10 feathers if caught. They can appear in a trap or roaming. These turkeys are not unique, if one shows up it appears for everyone! Though it appears for everyone, everyone benefit from it personally. So make sure to hunt with your friends and let them know when you find one so you can all benefit from its appearance!


Icons across the site have been updated. If you find a broken one first try a hard refresh to make sure you've loaded it. If it still doesn't work please open a ticket and let us know where the icon is missing.

The Merchant job has a new skill which can be learned right after the Offers Skill. The new Offer Wishlist allows you to display your wishlist when accepting offers on an item. If you have this skill the option will appear as a check box when setting up your listing, it is not automatic. Keep in mind that if you've ever posted your wishlist somewhere that incluing your wishlist on your listing may not allow you to stay anonymous in the market.

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