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Today is the last day to play the Autumn Cybernetics Gacha. Don't waste any time because tonight it will be replaced by the SnoFluff Resort Gacha!


If you haven't yet made your Secret Santa box there's no time to lose! The Elven Sanctuary is running lots of fun events and its hard to participate without a box of your own! If you only wish to put items in other peoples boxes to receive ornaments you do not need a box. But why not share the holiday spirit and put one down so others can get ornaments too?

Santa's Helper is back and hanging out beside the Gingerbread House. They've got a nice little inventory of starting items in exchange for cookies or ornaments. They've also got the cooking recipe so you can make the cookies they're requesting. Like with previous events, last years items have returned at double price.



There is now a Holiday Hat Design Contest~!

Just for December the Pattern for a Holiday Hat has been added to the Item Designer.

The winner will receive their choice of a Crown rarity item!
Remember, the number sold is counted by how many accounts are holding your item. This means having a friend buy 50 copies of your design will only count as 1 person. This contest will run until December 31st. The winner will be announced January 1st.

Designer Rules Notice: We will not be accepting any plain colored items. If there is no design on the item, it will not be accepted. This is covered in the submission notice:
You agree that you created this design and it is your original idea, solid colored items are not considered original.

To clear up any confusion, this is due to when you submit a design, you agree that design is yours. After your design is submitted and approved we do our very best to make sure no one submits a copy of your design. We cannot credit a solid color to a single person - its really not fair. If you want hat with just solid colors, you can grab the recipe for the basic hat from Santa's Helper - or grab one off the market. This rule does apply for all of the designer items and we're working on getting the solid-color versions of all designer items in a shop for Artie. We'll have an announcement when that's ready.

If you ever find someone has copied your item design and we missed it; please make a support ticket! We just need to know where the item is being sold, and where yours can be found. (This is best done with links to art shops.)


Today is the LAST DAY to spend your Leaves and Feathers. Arev, Elieth, and Mira will be leaving tonight and at that time any left over Leaves and feathers will be removed. Be quick and don't miss out on any last minute purchases! Vicky will be sticking around through December.

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