Posted 212 days
For In 30 minutes our Cyber Monday 24 hours only special will begin! The special Gacha Machine has been placed in town.

This purple and sparkling gacha is loaded up with all the Epics Solia's first year here. This includes Epics from Gachas, Events, Ladder rewards and FUNS. For today only you can pick one of those Epics for just 500 Luna! This offer is one per person and will only be available for Cyber Monday starting at midnight.

To use this gacha check through its contents, find the epic you want and click it. You can wishlist or shadow as many of them as you want before you make your choice. When ready you just click the Select option on the item you want. When picking just make sure the little window says the right name of the item you want before clicking select to ensure you clicked the right item.


This cannot be changed once you choose so make sure you're certain before you click select!

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