Posted 217 days

Elieth's Crafts shop has updated with some more items for Leaves.


This is currently the last planned update. If we have time we will try to squish in another update next week but only expect 1-2 items at most.


Vicky's shop Sorven Salon has updated with some more items for FUNS.


Please note the 'Fake Fang' item in Vicky's shop is not a mouth on its own. It layers over mouths and may not line up perfect with every mouth. Please shadow and try it on with the mouths you like before purchasing to ensure it layers the way you want it to.


If you have not picked up your Chicken and entered the Crop Contest make sure you do so soon! You still have 2 and a half days to enter but don't wait too long or you'll miss out and possibly lose your chicken!

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