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This months subscription item is Flapping Imp Ears. When equipped as a tool they will flap while you're in the world. If you equip them as an item to your avatar they will not flap when your in the world.


We have the winners of the Halloween Pumpkin and clothing designs!
For the Pumpkins we had a tie! So the pumpkin winners are:
Vexous's Pumpkin and 赤い蝶's Pumpkin

and our clothing category winner is:
Gluebag's Tanktop

You'll be contacted for your prize info shortly.


Most of the Halloween event has ended but the following things will remain for the next week. Don't forget to spend your candies or use those recipes before they leave!

    Delia's Shop will stay open until November 7th
    Alice's Shop will stay open until November 7th
    The following Recipe's will be removed on November 7th

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