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We get questions about this fairly frequently so we thought it best to just put up an announcement.

If you don't know, AOTM is a for fun contest that has the winning avatar listed on the homepage all month.

    How do I apply?
    You don't have to apply, there is no official contest -this is just for fun-. However being active near the end/beginning of the month makes it most likely we will see your avatar.

    How can I give myself the best chance of getting picked?
    We tend to look for avatars fitting of holidays/theme/season of the month. So if you want to have a chance to be picked for February for instance, try a Valentines themed outfit! When picking an outfit for the season keep in mind we go by what season it currently is in the US.

    Can I win more then once?
    Yes! This is for fun and there is no prize so you can win more then once. If this changes in the future and a prize is added then we'll put up rules and information for it at that time.

    What do I win?
    There is no item prize at this time. Unless changed later the prize is your name, a link to your land, and your winning avatar will be on the Websites homepage for a month.

If you have any other questions feel free to put in a ticket, we may update this post if another question comes up frequently.

And if you're looking to be the AOTM next month get your Valentines Gear on!

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