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Kogo Park just opened! :confetti:
Lets celebrate together with a few fun games! :omg:
Join in to earn some limited Skins available during this event! The Kogo Celebration Set!
(Visit this land for previews of the special skins up for grabs)

And lets not forget the huge range of other items that are available as prizes, for example;

Cosplay as Kogo, take a bunch of selfies, find all the kogo and lets not forget about Kibbits!
Complete the tasks to earns tokens to exchange for prizes!

If your interested in joining in head on over to the event thread in the SCD to read up on how,
We use the role play system in order to give out tokens allowing you to claim your own prizes,
Don't worry there's no Role-playing needed! If you need help mail Vexous.

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