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Beta Schedule
The Beta will start at 7PM EST on September 7, 2017. It will be up until 12am EST (Midnight) on September 10, 2017. There may be periodic down times, but the goal is to have it up as much as possible during that time. During this time, you will be able to do all of the things listed below in "In Game". When the game is offline, the forum, shops, inventory and your avatar will still be available.

In Game
In game, every account has their own private town. You will be able to build, maintain, decorate and attract villagers to your town. You will be able to leave your town to visit your friends' towns, as well as a hub area that will, in the future, be used for shops and site NPCs. This is where you will be able to build relationships with the site NPCs that you already know and love. In game, you will be able to chat with other people in the same town as you level up your jobs, and build your town.

Immediately Available Jobs - Many more coming.
Carpenter - Builds houses and other equipment for your town, as well as repairs damaged or decaying structures. Carpenters level though building and their motivation (that functions much like the current pet working motivation) will determine how quickly they complete their task. Carpenters are the lifeblood of your town. Carpenters are considered a passive class. To use your Carpenter, you tell them what to build and they set to work on their own.

Merchant - Allows you to sell items on the market, get discounts from the NPC shops and overcharge the NPCs when selling back to them. Merchants go to other towns to make contacts or find leads on potential sales to level up. Merchants will be able to offer items on someone else's auction, as well as sell entire outfits, giving you the ability to become a fashion designer.

Explorer - Explore other peoples' towns while finding treasure. You may visit as many towns as you wish and each town has items you can find! This does not take away from that player’s town, but is stuff that is just for you. Don’t feel bad for taking what you find! Once an hour, the towns will be restocked with items, and you can revisit any town to hunt for treasure again. Since there is no limit to the towns you visit, being a frequent explorer will allow you to find all kinds of great rewards.

The forum will still exist, but it will no longer be the focal point of Solia. All events will be done in game, and all items and gold will be earned in game. You will be able to use the forum to help find people you want to play with, as well as random discussions. You can also advertise your town or things you are selling in game and get help with current events or what to do in certain points of the game. Some forum features may not be rebuilt on the upgraded forum.

Any item that can be transferred will be transferred. Gold and Luna will be transferred. Star points will not be transferred. Transfers will continue until 12am EST on January 1st, 2018. Items may not be immediately transferred as soon as the new site comes online, but fear not, your inventory data will be maintained. What we have found is we cannot guarantee every item will be transferred. If we don't have the file, the item may never come back or else may be remade and come back, but there's no telling when or if any single item will appear.

What we can guarantee is everything in the past year (everything after the server crash) will be available. This includes items which were recently made compatible with the DI break tickets, since obviously we have those or else we couldn't have done that. Since the question keeps coming up, I want to reiterate from the last announcement that some items, when transferred, will not be usable until they are broken. This means if you have, say an All's Fair, if it's not broken, it simply will not work until you break it. The new system is a game system, it's not just an avatar site system as this old one was, so with that comes some changes.

New Base
Most items will be available in all three bases. Before items can be put into the new system, they must be made compatible with the new base. This guarantees that regardless of what base you choose to use, there will be plenty of things to pick from.

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Mules & Accounts
All existing accounts will exist on the new site. The new system will have you create a Vidya Account and after doing so, you will be able to link all of your existing Solia accounts to that one account. This means that you will have access to all of the gold, Luna and items through one account. Everyone is limited to one Vidya Account per person.

This version of Solia is officially closing on the morning of September 7, 2017. While the site may be open longer than that while we are working on things, it is advised that you are prepared for the site to close on September 7, 2017 at 12am EST. This downtime will be used to get everything ready for the new site to go into place. Thank you for being with us all of this time. Solia is growing and evolving and whether you love or hate the new Solia, we want to take the time to say thank you for being a part of Solia and sharing your life with us.

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