Angel Spirit Girl
Posted 785 days
Simica on the spot! <3

Posted 782 days
I really like this guide. It's quite useful being able to see what you need for a recipe before you buy it in the profession areas.

One thing I would really like to see in the farm area is how much it costs to grow a plant and how much you make in profit or not.
For example the turnip ends up costing gold to make after you take into account the watering if you buy the Watering Can from Gary.

One turnip costs 192.8 gold and sells for 180 gold.

Posted 782 days
Thank you Autumn for the suggestion! We will look into something for that. We know hurbird does have a sellbox guide on in this section. Unsure if that would better help you in that manner. :) with recent news with possibly changes coming up. we wont be adding anything like that (if we do) until after any updates happen and prices are set.

Posted 770 days
Your front page has this odd message.


I think the join now is something you put there but then it gets a little weird and sounds a bit shady with Wikidot's message right under it with the clone a site stuff.

Posted 770 days
hahaha thanks forgot to edit that out! all fixed!

Posted 756 days
I will update this soon. I pinched a nerve in my neck and havent been doing well ^.^;

Posted 743 days
I will update this tonight, things have been hectic here (renos to kitchen and such) gmas bday tonight. kidlet had surgery SO. been a lil over whelmed. my full apologies!

Posted 738 days
I like what you've done so far. It's well organized and quite useful. I look forward to future updates.

Posted 719 days
Will be updating this soon. Things have been very hectic around my parts.

Posted 686 days
Funs Gacha updated!
Luna Gacha updated!
Subscription items Updated!
Tamer Updated!

Soon to come:
Blacksmith, builder and tailor Recipes!

Posted 686 days
Thank you for your hard work! All of this looks super useful :^_^:

Posted 685 days
I cant take all the credit! Vexous was very helpful while I was away for a bit there :D

So fishing I am holding off on putting up the guide until the rest of it comes about.

Recipes are updated!

Posted 678 days
SO! Been working hard on updating a lot of back end stuff on the wiki!
-Making it so expanding and growth will be much easier in the future!
-Reformated chef, blacksmith, builder and tailor. Decluttered and allowed for easier growth for future
-links back to main page have been added to most of the pages thus far
-Added old event items that were missing or just images that were missing
-over all updated formating of text for mobile users.

Coming Up:
-Rework/reformating Luna gacha, bargain gacha
-Adding words for things so search feature works better!
-90% of images will be able to be clicked and will take you to their respective places
example: clicking Autumn Wandering Tanuki image will take you to the Skill fetch page and give you all the information you need about it.
example: clicking copper ore will take you to the scavenging page
exmaple: clicking wool will make you go to the circle of life page to the wool section.

Posted 670 days
Update Time:
As Promised!

-Reworked Luna and Bargain Gacha. Now each gacha has its own page! Which means all names within this list of gachas can be clicked and will take you to that gacha!

-Chef, Blacksmith, Build and Tailor Recipes have new formatting! Though I still need to check to make sure it runs 100% well on mobile!
Check it out:

All items required for recipes should be able to be clicked, if you see one that doesn't or isnt taking you to the correct place. Please report it to me!

You can see a complete list of all the recipes and each level

New Format! NPC Pictures are now able to be clicked. Taking you to the NPC Page ( this page is going to be massively updated in the future to allow to see npc shop items etc)

Soon To Come:
-Tamer Update currently waiting on some images with all luck in order for it to match the rest of the professions. This will include (with all luck) icons such as this
These will be able to be clicked, taking you to where you can originally get them! similar to how the npc images work!

-Double Checking Mobile Ease
-Some Minor Formatting
-Adding New World Introduction Updates such as emotions, tools and selfies

Waiting On:
-NPC Rework
-Races Rework
-Fishing Guide(waiting on solia to finish their side)
-Farming Update (waiting on solia to finish their side)
-Kogo Section (waiting on solia to finish their side)

Well I think that is all for me tonight! Please Please Please, if you have any suggestions or have any issues. Do not hesitate to state so! We want this to be the best wiki Solia can have. I can only do that with your guys' help!

Updated Worlds Introduction Page with emote information and getting it ready for the selfie system!

Posted 634 days

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