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Okay lovelys,

The april events and quests have been added into the wiki,

I am thinking about setting up a page each for NPC's i think this will end up being much better then our current set up as we can list the favourite gifts there shops, when they appear and there quests, as well as if they are apart of any events.

as of right now none of the npc's have thier shops - so getting crafting recipes an materials is not possible

Update: EVERY NPC now has it's own page with this quest, the only quest i dont have all the info for is the quest for the house

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Oh my goodness that page looks amazing, and it's so much easier to understand than the very jumbled notes I made to keep track of what I need.

Speaking of those, I noticed that some quests in my log weren't on the wiki. Arev's Strange Food, Tab's Rare Treat, and Alice's A gift from mon petit.

That last one might actually be a carry over from another event that I never completed.

I'm long overdue for bedtime right now but if you need them then let me know and I can copy over the quest details tomorrow after work.

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Anything im missing and you have the info for i would love to get ^_^
it's a great help, i may have completed those last time they were here and cant see them now x.x

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Okay, let's see here.

Strange Food
Arev: Why do your people like these things that hurt your teeth? It doesn't matter, I'd like to take some home with me so could you make me some?
(ice cream sandwich x5)

Rare Treat
Tab: Does anyone here have those fried rings of dough? I'd go look myself but I can't leave the Siren's unattended.
(chocolate frosted doughnut x2)

A gift from Mon'Petit
(I'm pretty sure this is an old unfinished quest I had left from the Halloween event)
Alice: Aren't the Kitorn the cutest things! Keh-keh, nothing like what you have around here. The tasty looking one agree'd to their adorable nature so I've brought them here to share. If you like them too - I have these cute hats. I suppose I could give you one.
(25 each of Strawberry Bonbon, Bubblegum, Hard Candy, Sour Bell, Sucker, Toffee and Candy Corn)

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Thanks Ampellilja
I jumped onto an alt aswell and there was every more, im guessing some are repeatable every time they come for the spring fair but some are a one off... maybe lol
they should all be there tho

and yep A gift from Mon'Petit is in the halloween event ^_^

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Most of the easter items are from previous years but here's the info on the new recipe.


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Will try to add the Easter event Monday

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Okays added,
ive also noticed we dont have last years recipes, so if anyone has those i'd love to get the requirements! <3

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Ive updated a couple of kogo pages;
New cards were added in
a quick reference breeding table with kogo type and rarity has been added

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Oh my gosh, that Kogo stuff is so helpful! I've been wondering about what's what. Thank you!

I don't know if you've seen them yet, but I caught a Fen Chick in the new lands on the first day. I can't remember which new land it was though. Probably one of the wagon ones. o~o So they're available outside of events now, too. :)

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OMG! thats awesome - i'll add them in - but we will have to confirm lands ^_^

Miku Asukito
Posted 169 days
I caught some Fen Chicks in lands 26 and 27 if it helps for confirmation. :lurk:

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Thankyou ♡♡

jeame nranos
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