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Welcome to the Artist Guide

To sell artwork on Solia for gold or Luna, you will need to complete the Artist Quest by talking to Artie in the Early Access Hub. Once you have the Artist Job, you will create an artist's ticket and sell the ticket on the market. Once the item is sold, you use the art chat option to manage your commission conversations with the buyer. When a commission is complete, the seller and buyer will confirm the exchange has been completed.

Selling artwork is an "out-of-game" job and can be used with an Art Shop in the forum (though it isn't required). You can sell what you want as long as it follows the site rules.

About this guide:
I tried to capture as many images as I could to visually walk you through this process. In some cases, I have the image attached in a link on the word or phrase associated with the action.

Let's get started into the details of what to do!

Open the Menu
Open the User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select the briefcase labelled Job Menu.
    If Artist isn't listed in your job menu--no worries, go to the next section labelled Artie.
    If you already have the Artist listed in your job menu, skip ahead to Create Ticket.

To get the Artist job, you will need to complete the Artist Quest through Artie in the Early Access Hub.
1. Go to the Hub and click on Artie to talk to him.
2. Click on "!Are you an Artist, too?"
3. A description of the artist job will open and you can click Accept to accept the quest.
4. To complete the Artist Quest, you will need 10,000 gold. Once you have the amount required, click on Artie again and click Complete.
Congratulations! You are an Artist now! Open the User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen, select Job Menu with the briefcase icon, and select Artist for the next step.

Create Ticket
1. Click on Create Ticket
2. A box will pop up labelled Create Ticket, which you can add text and links to samples of the art you will be selling. If you are creating a ticket for a specific buyer, you can specify the buyer's username in the text field as well.
3. Once you have filled out the Artist Ticket information, click Create Ticket.
4. You should see a confirmation message that the Artist Ticket was successfully created.

Next we're going to learn how to sell the ticket on the Market!

Market (and Inventory)
You might think your Artist is sitting in your Inventory, so you click on Market to list the Artist Ticket for sale...but your Artist Ticket is actually in the Bank.
1. Send your Artist Ticket to your Inventory (from your Bank).
2. Now click on Market in the menu.
3. Click on List Item on the upper right corner of the Market page.
4. Click and drag the Artist Ticket to the Item to the square with dashed sides on the listing.
5. Complete the listing by adding the price and the listing duration.
6. Once completed, click on Submit Listing.
You should be taken to the Market page and your listing should look something like this: Image

Art Chat
You will receive a notification in the top menu to the left of your username when an item is sold. It won't tell you which item or to who (at the creation of this guide).
You can verify in your shop history to find what items have been sold.
1. Enter the World and open the User Menu, select the Job Menu, and click on Artist.
2. Click on Art Chat and find the Art you have sold.
3. Click on the Art to open the Art Chat with the buyer of the Art Ticket. (If someone purchased your Artist Ticket by mistake, open a Support Ticket to have Support Staff reverse the trade.)
4. You will want to message the buyer for details if you haven't worked out those details in an Art Shop.
5. You can use the Art Chat to continue to work with the buyer or you can send messages via letters (PMs) using the Mailbox. Responses will appear as letter notifications.
6. The history of your conversation can be seen under the Art Tracker, which is nice. :)

1. Once you have completed the art for your buyer, you will want to send them the URL or link to the artwork.
2. Next you can click the icon with check Image to complete the transaction between you and the buyer.
3. The buyer will receive a message asking if the Art Ticket is complete.
**If you complete the Art Ticket before sending the link, you can still send the buyer a message with the URL to their artwork.
4a. If the buyer rejects you completion request, you will receive the following message to work out further details about the artwork, then try to complete the Art Ticket (steps 1 - 3).
4b. If the buyer accepts your completion request, the Art Chat will be removed from the Art Chat list. The messages are still logged in the mailbox.

If you run into issues along the way, open a Support Ticket to have Support Staff help resolves issues.

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