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Welcome back!
I'd say if you're having issues, always put in a ticket. The staff are always happy to help with whatever questions you have.

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Thank you. I did put in a ticket and received help with an answer already that explains everything. The NPCs are only there in the day time, and it was night time when I was in town :) So I've managed to finish the quest and more now. Nice to have a ticket answered so soon as well!

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Hello! Thank you for the guide, help, and links. :)
Can I transfer Gold between characters and/or switch names? I got back into Solia but forgot which old email I used for my main character; I ended up going through the whole in-game tutorial for a few days (different careers, levels, tools) with my alt, Aglaea instead of my main A., which I have linked now. x-x I know the bank shows what items I had on A. that were saved on my other characters' inventories, so I'm hoping that this might work somehow.
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Theres no way to transfer gold between characters sorry. But you can use the gold then pop the items in the bank for the other character to use.

If you wanna swap usernames around (not even sure it's possible) you'll have to email solia support from the email that is associated with your account (the email should be" target="_blank)

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Okay. Thank you anyway. :)

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