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Building a guide for kogo battles. Please no posting while I set it up.

To start Kogo battling you will need to acquire a Barn from Katsu. Visit her in Linden and she should have a quest for you that awards you with a barn. You will also want to pick up a Basic Net Shooter or the Blacksmithing plans to make your own while in town. The net shooter can be bought from either Kit's shop (Furry Fiesta) in town or Asil's shop (Field Ranger) in the town outskirts. The recipe can be purchased from Katsu in her shop Hot Anvil.

Obtaining Kogo

To get your first Kogo, take a Basic Net Shooter and some Pet Chow and head Outside Town. You can find the path leading outside of town to the North. Once there you'll see various Kogo running around. Find a Kogo you'd like to catch and click on it. This will bring up a menu with a Throw Bait option. Throwing bait increases your chances of catching a Kogo and Kogo have food likes and dislikes that effect how much their food meter increases. For example: Owprin really like bird seed.

Once you've fed the Kogo as much as you're going to, you can open your tool inventory and equip the Net Shooter. A Net Shooter has limited uses so keep an eye on how many you have left! Once equipped to your Hand Slot, click once on the page to make an arrow show up. Clicking a second time will fire the net from the shooter. You can move your mouse around your character to change the direction the net will travel. If on mobile, simply click in the direction you wish for the net to travel.

Note: Once you have captured all the kogo a land has to offer, you will have to wait until the hour comes around to spawn new kogo. For example; if you catch all of the kogo at 10:35, you will have to wait until 11:00 for more to spawn.


Once you have obtained a barn and a couple starter Kogo, head on over to your land and place it anywhere you like then click on it to go inside. You'll see a few different things once you get into your barn.

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First you'll notice two thought bubbles with an exclamation point. This means you can place a Kogo in that spot. If you already have a kogo, click on one of the bubbles and select a Kogo you wish to use. With a Kogo placed, you'll be allowed to set a Kogo to work. Setting one to work will give you various rewards once the Kogo has finished the job. Sending a Kogo on harder jobs will lower its morale over time. To keep a Kogo happy, be sure to play with it by clicking on it in the barn and selecting the ball button. Alternately, you can place it in your land and play ball with it while another Kogo works in the barn.

To see what work your Kogo can do, click on the Work button in the bottom right of page. This will pop up a window with a list of jobs your Kogo can work on. If the job is grayed out, you cannot send it on the job. This is usually because it's either too high a level or not high enough. The Kogo Jobs page tells you a couple of things about each job.

The first is Min Level and Max Level. These two merely tell you at what level your Kogo is able to be sent on this job.

Second is any Stat Requirements your Kogo may need to have before it can complete a task. Different Kogo have different stats. Some may not be able to do a job that others can.

Third is the Reward you will receive. Rewards can change over time so if you want the reward make sure you get it now because it might not be available tomorrow!

Last but not least is the Time the job will take for your Kogo to complete. This can range from 10 minutes to 6+ hours.

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Next up is the Team tab on the top right of the inside of your barn as pictured above. In the team tab you will be able to create a team of Kogo to battle for you. If you caught a few Kogo earlier, you will want to add them to your team now. To add one to your team simply click on the word Team. Right now you should see a series of blank boxes, click on one to view a list of available Kogo. Clicking on a Kogo will show you some information about them including their level, stats, what type and gender they are, whether they are breedable or not and what spell cards it may have attached to it.

Click the button Add To Party and your Kogo will be added to your team. Selecting your Kogo, now placed in one of the previously empty slots, will bring up their stats page with a set of four empty spell slots.

Select a slot and if you have any spell cards, you will see a list of cards you have available. Any grayed out card cannot be used by the Kogo in question while any lit up card can be. Select any card that can be used by your Kogo then press the Select Card button.

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Spell Cards

Spell Cards are cards that teach your Kogo special attacks to use during battle. So far, spell cards can be obtained in a couple ways. The first way to obtain a spell card is to buy them from Asil's shop (Field Ranger) in the town outskirts for FUNs. The second way to obtain a card is from using the Turn-in feature of your barn by going to your barn and clicking the Turn-in button then selecting a Kogo to turn in. This will award you with various items often used in crafting or for quests. This also has a chance of awarding a spell card, however it is not a guarantee. Once you have a card you can attach it to a Kogo to be used during battle.
Note: Turning in Kogo will consume the Kogo, removing it from your inventory. Do not turn in a Kogo you wish to keep, you will not get it back.

Upgrading Spell Cards

If you obtain multiple of a single type of card, you may want to upgrade them for a stronger spell card. To upgrade a card, visit a Kogo Ranger such as Asil from earlier. When speaking with Asil, select the Upgrade Kogo Cards option. This will show you a list of any Kogo cards you currently have that are not attached to a Kogo. Selecting a card will show you more information about that card including the cost to upgrade the card to the next level displayed by the stars at the bottom of the card's icon.


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When a kogo reaches the appropriate level shown in the Kogodex, it will transform into the next stage of growth. While some can transform once, others may have more stages following the initial transformation.
For example, if you have an Owprin Chick Image he can transform into a fully grown Owprin at level 12. Image
Meanwhile an Alrune KittenImage can transform into an Alrune Juvenile(Level 10)Image and a fully grown Alrune later at level 25Image.

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to do:
Upgrading spell cards.
using spell cards - effectiveness against certain types
mana - using and replenishing
types of spells (EX: heals vs Attks)
Scrap (why you should use it. Pros/cons)

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