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okay so we now have an event page under professions for recipes since we have an event job,
And i have also made a page for kitty - but i did miss her shop so if anyone have pricing on the items let me know (the bunny was 100 cakes that's all i know XD)

I have also updated the second post on the first page with a link to the dropbox i use to save information if anyone wants to help with gacha updates,
(also linked the template) - avatars for male female and chibi need made too if your bored lol

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Halloween stuffs:

Quest: Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
Spoiler: show
Belinda: Happy Halloween! Our Trick-or-treat event has officially begun! Simply visit anyone's farm once per hour and grab a piece of candy from their pumpkin. If someone uses your Pumpkin Jar You'll get candy too! Want people to be able to trick or treat at your farm? You'll need your own Pumpkin Jar. If you bring me 5 Turnips and 5 Copper Ore from Farming and Scavanging every hour, I can make you one of those pumpkins!
Imagex 5 Imagex 5
Image Pumpkin Jar

Celestine Amine
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To verify, Belinda is a night only NPC?

NVM lol

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Recently added:
Trick or threat
Recipes for Trick or treating - all but Spider Misstress Sleeves (bugged)
Kitcorn Invasion
Alice's Quests

Still to be done:
Candy corn recipes
Delia & Belinda NPC pages
Update Alice's Page with her halloween outfit
Gachas (alot of them)

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