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Recipes added to the wiki:

Image Byakko Trainer Boots (Level 4 Homemaker)
Image Byakko Trainer Gloves (Level 5 Homemaker)
Image Byakko Trainer Vest (Level 7 Homemaker)
Image Byakko Trainer Skirt (Level 8 Homemaker)
Image Byakko Trainer Clip (Level 10 Homemaker)
Image Byakko Trainer Scarf (Level 18 Homemaker)

Posted 136 days
I noticed you're adding the new prices to the wiki including the merchant gold discount perks, do you need the base cost for these or? Probably not a big deal but most people won't have those active

Posted 135 days
oh shoot i forgot about that
will have to log onto an alt in the future

Posted 129 days
Filling in a few missing sellbox prices:

Mouse Toy - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 1)

Pet Chow - 500 gold (Homemaker Lvl 4)
Byakko Trainer Boots - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 4) *recipe 5,000 gold

Alrune Fan Clip - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 5)
Byakko Trainer Gloves - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 5)

Buttered Toast - 900 gold (Homemaker Lvl 6)

Byakko Chubby Plush - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 7)
Byakko Trainer Vest - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 7) *recipe 10,000 gold

Byakko Armbands - 2,125 gold (Homemaker Lvl 8)
Owprin Shoes - 3,500 gold (Homemaker Lvl 8)
Alrune Fan Corset - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 8)

Owprin Chubby Plush - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 9)
Aky Chubby Plush - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 9)
Owprin Shorts - 1,200 gold (Homemaker Lvl 9)
Owprin Tshirt - 1,250 gold (Homemaker Lvl 9)
Alrune Trainer Sleeves - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 9)

Owprin Bandana - 2,000 gold (Homemaker Lvl 10)
Owprin Shirt - 1,875 gold (Homemaker Lvl 10)
Life Food - 2,500 gold (Homemaker Lvl 10)
Watermelon Slice x5 - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 10)
Byakko Trainer Clip - 0 (Homemaker Lvl 10)

Kinda strange how the old kogo tailored items have sellbox prices but the newer ones don't.

Posted 129 days
i think a 0 value may be a bug, they shouldn't have a 0 value

Posted 129 days
Hmmm mysterious. A lot of items have a 0 sellbox value. I figured it was essentially a "discard" option.

Posted 129 days
for event items, designer and gacha items yesh, but the crafting items should have a sell back

Posted 111 days
Spring bingo is in for those that need it

Posted 101 days
Figured this was a good place to post this since Vex has all the squares in the post just above this.

Like if you need the wool put all sheep on your doghouses, over feed them. It only takes 2 food to feed them for a day but fill it all the way so they constantly make wool. Start on fishing the Koi now, it usually takes 2-3 rods to get one but its completely random and the hardest fish to get so it can take a lot more then that.

There's always someone I talk to who left these types of squares for last and don't make it every time a bingo pops up.

Posted 82 days
Easter is in, working on getting those recipes on the event professions page :)

i had alittle to much fun making this XD

Celestine Amine
Posted 82 days
Oh that’s neat!

Posted 82 days
thankyou! Ima do the same for Alice i thinks,

Posted 37 days
Talix breeding requirements added in ^_^

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