Posted 94 days
I'm just a very bad birb and forgot to add them D:
I appreciate sellbox information!!

I've also updated the guide! So there's that :P

Allen Tepes
Posted 94 days
No worries.

I have the sell box information for the potatoes.

Regular Potato: 300g per potato
Ruby Potato: 900g per potato

Here’s also the sell box information for the Watermelon.
Regular Watermelon: 575g per watermelon
Dixie Watermelon: 1650g per watermelon

Posted 94 days
Thank you! I'm just missing Turnips, carrots and sunflowers now :)

Allen Tepes
Posted 94 days
Okay, so I’m collecting extra rares for those at this time, so it’ll be a while before I get the information on those rare versions of the item.

I can however provide you with the sell box amount for the regular versions of the item.

Carrots : 115 per carrot

Turnip: 60g per turnip

Sunflower: 650 per sunflower
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Allen Tepes
Posted 94 days
Sweet! Got a purple carrot!

So the sell box information for the purple carrot is as follows:

Purple Carrot: 345g per carrot

I’ll let you know when I get the other 2.

I got information on the white sunflower:

White Sunflower: 1950g per sunflower

And a correction on one of the earlier reportings:

White Pumpkin: 1950g per pumpkin

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