Posted 892 days
I want to add my land to the list. I have twenty-one pets and half of those are chickens.

Posted 892 days
I've added the people who wanted to be and re arranged the list based on chicken numbers.

Posted 879 days
Gary has a quest now that gives a brush. You equip it as a tool and then you get fluff when you pet things. I don't know if this is temporary but Clays quest chain so far needs like 800 fluff so make sure you get that brush.

Angel Spirit Girl
Posted 877 days
I have out a few pets for people to pet and feed. Could you add my land to the list please?

Since I work long hours at a factory, it would be love if people dropped in on my farm. Thank you. <3

Posted 876 days
You're welcome to add mine if ya like.

Posted 875 days
I've added you both!

Celestine Amine
Posted 866 days
Updated my pets; there's 3 chickens and a bunny, and I've moved them all to one spot for easier fluffing or feeding.

Edit: Yea I've 23 pets, 3 of which are chickens, 1 bunny, and 3 birds (paradise king, summer blue, and pirate flamingo; I'm assuming they're into bird feed?)
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Duke of Failure
Posted 839 days
I made some choices and now have 57 chickens and 2 cows occupying my land. Failure farm in the worlds

Posted 574 days
I did this today, I went from level 1 to level 9 in visiting all the farms listed. One was blank so I don't think the numbers are updated but very helpful still.

Posted 560 days
Just realized that I am level 15 and no longer benefit from petting the pets. I am now sad. :baw:

I will have to focus on feeding more now, glad this guide exists so I know what that wall that I hit was, lol.

Posted 559 days
If you look in Maggie's shop there are now 4 types of food. I can't found anything that favorites Pet Chow.
A lot of things I have favorite Meat. Cats, and my Puppies and Foxes I tried all liked meat. My Valentine Shark liked the candy.

If you have a lot of gold to burn this opens up new non birdseed options. But if you don't have a lot of gold I would suggest sticking to Birdseed until there are other ways to get these new types of food since Maggie wants 5k each.

Posted 488 days
Appears to be the same at Star 1 - level 15 petting pets and playing with kogos stops giving 1 exp ad goes down to .1 exp - on to bird seed now it seems!

Angel Spirit Girl
Posted 478 days
Your farms with pets list could use updating. <3

Posted 478 days
I used to try to update regularly but everyone updates so much now. I might just change it to lands which normally have lots of animals.

Throwing the ball for Kogo's also counts for exp but cuts off at 15 like petting.

Posted 477 days
Catching Kogo also count to leveling Tamer. Owlprin Chicks, Alrune Kittens, and Byako Kittens count for 1 Tamer XP. Aky Pups and Kibbit Kittens count for 3 Tamer XP.

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