Posted 373 days
Hello, ^.^

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 369 days
does the wiki explain what to do when you max out a job?
my scavanger bar says it's maxed out and an upgrade is required :blank:

Posted 369 days
At this stage we don't have that information, as soon as we know something it will most certainly be added.

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 369 days
oh, alright.

Posted 367 days
Gachas added
Tamer Page got a bit of a rehaul as well. Nothing major major. More so quality of life aspects Some missing info was added as well.
tamers pets have been updated as well


added headers for these pages

Posted 275 days
So, going to be doing some rehaul on the luna gacha pages!
Been doing some over haul on the event pages as well. More is to come. Trying to figure out the best way to help present the information for you guys to find the information easily!

please be patient, some stuff has been a bit backed up while I have been figuring out the best way to make these changes without to much additional work or having to do things all over again!

thank you for your understanding :)

*luna gacha is caught up and updated formatting
*tamer has been updated

still coming:
events page format updates
header images
quest formatting updates

Posted 172 days
I finally have gotten my glasses. Work irl has been pretty hectic. But I am hoping to bank in a fair few hours over the next while updating the wiki. Sorry for the inconvenience

Posted 169 days
It is a fairly good start, especially with the fact that you are running with not all the information needed and a beta game at that. Great effort!!!!!. I did see a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. And I went there looking for fishing info - but :) I am happy to help out if you need an extra writer. :awesome:

Angel Spirit Girl
Posted 118 days
Will you have the new summer quests up?

Posted 32 days
Hello! I don't know if these will be of any help, but I thought they might. I took screenshots of some of the Beginner Tutorials from Jean. I didn't get all of them (like the 1st and 3rd Farmer Quests), and they're only the ones that have popped up for me so far after I made it to Town, after the Tutorial Farm. I've been playing for 5 days so far.

Thank you for all of the things you have added to the Wiki. It's pretty helpful. :^_^:

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