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I made a Gacha template - all you have to do is add in the item icons - names and preview images - so much less work LOL

Tamer and Tailor are still in the process of being updated, so it's just those to and catch up with gacha's and we are up to date
(tho Vicky's store does need added aswell)

Posted 23 days
All the aky recipes have been added to the wiki,

the boa and contacts are level 5 tailor and the top is level 3

tailor is still a work in progress but the newest stuff in is for everyone!

edit: also added two new pages under kogos - one for shinnies, event and custom skins,
and another page for cards and upgrading cards and kogo
i will fill these with info as i find it out ^_^

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So far I've got this quest from Mira Williams. :3 Edit: Now I have all three.
Spoiler: show
Seasonal Pie
Mira Williams: I'd love to make a nice pumpkin pie but I don't have any pumpkins! Could you be a dear and help me out?
Requirements: Pumpkin x1
Reward: Pumpkin Pie


Seasonal Coffee
Mira Williams: 'Tis the Season for Pumpkin Spice, right? I could make you a nice latte if you like.
Requirements: Cream x1, Pumpkin x1
Reward: Pumpkin Latte


Seasonal Soup
Mira Williams: When it got cold like this, I used to make a soup - it's sweet and spicy. ...Good for both me and my husband...
Requirements: Chili Plant x1, Cream x1, Cinnamon Stick x1, Pumpkin x1
Reward: Pumpkin Soup Recipe


Aaand, another one from Trixie.
Spoiler: show
Chili needs
Trixie: You need some chili plants? I have some saved, but they're hard to come by. I don't get them often - You'll have to make it worth my while to give them up.
Requirements: Earth Sparkle x1
Reward: Chili Plant x3


Posted 19 days
I got to Tamer Level 30. Here's the quest. :)
Spoiler: show
Unlocking Tamer Star Level
Kit: Have ya got a good grasp on these critters now? Well if you're ready, let's set you up with something harder.
Requirements: 5k Gold, Spider Silk x3, Allore Bracelet 1x, Allore Earrings x1, Allore Choker x2, Electrical Parts x3
Reward: Tamer +1 Star Level


Posted 18 days
sweeet thankyou! will work on updating tomorrow

Posted 18 days
You're welcome.

Posted 17 days
A heads up for Mira's 3rd quest. I tried to do it on another char and if you do not have the Chef job her 3rd quest won't appear.

Posted 16 days
Ah, cool to know!

Mira's Thanksgiving Day Quest:
Spoiler: show
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mira Williams: Hm? Wow! Thanks for visiting me today. It can get lonely around the Holidays...I hope Bunii is holding up okay back home. Here, I-I guess you could eat it, but I would suggest keeping it for eggs instead.
Requirement: 10x Turkey Feathers
Reward: Turkey Pal


Posted 12 days
Im working on updating now, my aim is to get the the bingo in, the quests for thanksgiving i saved to my home computer so will add this in when i can,

also all the Christmas crafting stuff is in if you want to plan ahead and get the materials for making the stuff

Posted 11 days
I have half a billion Kogo parts to I can help with this page

Kogo Drops have a pattern:
Whatever the baby drops, the adult will drop too with minor edits. In cases like Alrune, the middle evolution seems to match the baby.
-Each Kogo has an item specific to its species that only the baby will drop, or only the adult will drop here's the list.
Spoiler: show
Aky Baby: Fangs
Aky Adult: Claw

Constella Baby: Stars
Constella Adult: Star Board

Alrune Baby/Juvi: Tail Flower
Alrune Adult: Ear Fluff

Byakko Baby: Tail Shards
Byakko Adult: Whiskers

Kibbit Baby: Vine
Kibbit Adult: Leaf

Owprin Baby: Down Feather
Owprin Adult: Leaves

Kitorn Baby/Juvi: Ear - Judging by low drop rate, I haven't turned in adults to officially compare.
Kitorn Adult: Image Name Unknown, seen in announcement. Judging it to be the adult item because its a part of the mask only the adult wears.

I don't know Axi, I haven't started to turn any in yet. Wanted to try to breed them first to get more.

-The item that is unique seems to be rarer then the other drops, Essence seem to be most common - every Kogo has an essence.
-They have an item based on Element, babies drop sparkles, adults drop gems. All Sparkles and Gems are the same just different colors.
-They have an item based on their Type and stage as follows:
Spoiler: show
Baby Items: Beast Fur, Bird Feather, Plant Rood, Dragon Fang
Adult Items: Beast Fang, Bird Talon, Plant Pollen, Dragon Scale
From event's but unsure which drops: Fish Scale, Bug Stinger

I'd edit it myself but I'm honestly afraid of mucking up these pages. I wish it was on Wikia, it was soo much easier to edit. :qnq:

Posted 11 days
thats quiet helpful, if you wanted to be could try catch up on discord one weekend and i can talk you through a few things,
i was terrified to try to edit this without simica, once you get a handle on the coding tho it's not so bad ^_^

Posted 11 days
Ive decided to change the table alittle bit to better suit the loot, and so that when people actually search for the items like a fang or a claw they will find it on this page and know where to get it etc


Posted 8 days
That layout seems a lot nicer then the old one. :nod:

Posted 8 days
the old layout was the only way i know how to do a table before i started looking around for how to do bingo XD

Posted 7 days
Oh wow! All of that Kogo info and new tables look good guys.

I think I got this quest after finishing the weekly quest from Trixie. I'm not certain though. Maybe it has to do with relationship levels? Though I don't know how high it is.
Spoiler: show
Who helps the helper?
Trixie: I am suppose to go to a potluck tonight, but??? -sigh- I am completely out of food. I???m not sure what to do here. I???m happy to help out anyone who needs it but lately I???ve run out of food completely. If I don???t show up with something, what will they think of me...
Requirements: Veggie Omelet x2 Buttered Bread x2
Reward: ???


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