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Rules and Guidelines

    Here at Solia Online, we have certain rules. These rules are not here to hinder your fun; they are here to protect you and your fellow members. Following the rules is easy, just remember the golden rule: "Don't be a jerk."

    To view the full Rules click here.
    To view the TOS click here.
    These links are also at the bottom of every page.

I need Help!

    If you're lost or need help, you can check for a guide in this forum. Keep in mind, these are made by members just like you - anyone is allowed to make a guide. While we do try to check in and make sure no one's giving out false information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any one guide.

    If you need specific help with a feature or have any of the following issues:
      Need Support
      Account Problems
      Billing Questions
      Found a glitch or bug

    Please open up a support ticket by clicking 'Support' on the forum list or "I need help" in the drop down in the top right of your screen.

Member Events

    We are currently working on features to bring back member-run events. We will announce when those features are ready and thank you for your patience in the mean time.

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